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How Colours You Choose For Your Home Affect Your Life

How Colours You Choose For Your Home Affect Your Life
Written by Team Urban Tree

People concentrate on choosing the best colour that will suit their tastes. But what most people fail to see is that how colours affect a person’s mood. Colour is you. What you pick defines who you are. If you choose the wrong colour for your home’s interior, your whole life could get affected. This is not to scare anybody out there, but a friendly reminder to choose the right color for the walls of various rooms in your house.

Here are a few popular colors that people prefer for their rooms & the effect it might have on their mood.

1. Red

Have you ever heard of pumping energy? That’s what Red does. It literally brightens up your room just like an energy drink. It heightens the excitement in your room. Red makes the room lively and inviting and provides a very strong first impression. It gets people to come together and have the friendly conversations. Red is almost like a shot of adrenaline that an ailing body surely needs. That’s what Red is capable of. It is best when painted on living room and dining room walls. And is definitely not advisable for your bedroom if you are looking to unwind yourself in a serene bedroom.


2. Yellow

Yellow is the colour of sunlight and symbolises joy. Happiness is perhaps another word to describe Yellow. It is considered welcoming to guests at your home. But it isn’t the most practical colour to use. Believe it or not, previous studies have shown people losing their temper typically in a yellow room. It’s strange but true. Even toddlers and children have been shown to cry a lot more when in a bright yellow room. But if you are looking to accentuate the room to make it look bigger, yellow is your best bet. So when you pick Yellow, be very careful as to where you’re going to place.


3. Blue

Blue is a very safe colour. It’s the colour of the sky and the ocean. It’s a very relaxing and a calm colour and has an ability to fight against bad-temper. Bedrooms and bathrooms are probably the best places for Blue. If you would like to paint blue in other room, the best way to go about it is to use warmer bluer colours in the living rooms and kitchen areas.


4. Green

Green is actually quite common and can actually fit anywhere in the house. Green is the colour of nature, it invokes tranquillity and peace upon using it in your walls of your home. You could use it for your exteriors and interiors. The possibilities are endless. It helps people relax and gives them the soothing combination of yellow and red, in terms of emotion.


5. Purple

This is one of those colours that could seem like an odd choice. Because really, who would want to put the colour of egg plants in their house? Here’s why. Because it’s actually a very sophisticated colour and brings a sense of history to a room. In the Victorian age, Purple was the height of fashion in England. It was considered ‘sexy’ and most noble men would wear it with pride. It’s a creative design and meant as a way to bring creativity to your home. A lot of people are interested in creating that design that stands out from the crowd. In most cases, they pick Purple as it equates to luxury.


6. Black, Grey, White and Brown

These are all considered neutral colours and they’re very important to most people. For an interior decorator, they’re the ‘go-to’ colours. You know why? These colours are used to accentuate the hues when used in combination. They can be considered boring but they’re actually standard and cost effective. Actually, in warmer areas, white and other neutral colours can actually help. It makes a room seem larger and also observe the sunlight. This is a boon in places with warmer climates.

After reading these points, you now probably have a better idea of what works for you. So don’t hesitate! Pick the colour that will change your life 🙂

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