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IGBC Certified Green Homes: Building Homes for a Smarter Future

Written by Team Urban Tree

Green homes are more than a fashion statement. According to some estimates, buildings account for almost one-half of the world’s material and energy consumption, one-sixth of fresh water use, and a quarter of all wood harvested. As costs for sustainable materials and products drop, building green is really the most cost-effective kind of design and construction.

Urban Tree’s Oxygen in Perumbakkam, Chennai are certified green homes. With sustainable solutions to save water and power and designed to adapt to ecosystem, these flats in Perumbakkam is most cost-effective and equipped with all modern amenities.

The concept of green homes – meaning environmentally sustainable residential spaces – is still an emerging trend in India, but awareness about this exciting new way of life is rapidly gaining ground. Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Homes is the first rating programme developed in India, exclusively for the residential sector. It is based on accepted energy and environmental principles and strikes a balance between known established practices and emerging concepts. The system is designed to be comprehensive in scope, yet simple in operation.


This unique rating programme for residential spaces in India has been developed in accordance with well-defined principles of environmental preservation and increased energy efficiency. Contrary to common belief, IGBC certification is not a Draconian system which is next to impossible to obtain. To get IGBC certification, a developer of a multi-storey residential project needs to meet certain mandatory requirements and obtain a certain amount of ‘green’ credits.

Projects can qualify for pre-certification once the developers in question have incorporated IGBC requirements in the project’s design and submitted the relevant documents to IGBC. The final IGBC certification is awarded once the project is complete. Each home at Urban Tree Oxygen is IGBC certified.

Indian Green Building Council

The process is fairly simple and straightforward, but it is also very thorough. When a developer registers his project under the IGBC Green Homes Rating System, he is making a commitment to ensure that the project will conform to all IGBC requirements. At every step of project completion, he is required to submit all supporting documents. In fact, IGBC stipulates that documentation must be submitted both at the design stage and at every phase of construction. Basically, the documentation that needs to be made available to IGBC for pre-certification of a residential project must include information on how and to what degree the developer intends to adhere to the prescribed certification norms.

According to the degree of compliance, IGBC awards a rating. This rating may differ from the rating given at the stage of completion, since the developer needs to offer clear proof that the rating norm he initially committed to have indeed been followed. Once a developer applies for pre-certification with IGBC, the agency will review the project’s conformance to the certification requirements every six months.

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