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Importance of Proper Ventilation

There are many luxury apartments in Chennai which are being built due to the demand in real estate sector. The builders concentrate on many luxurious aspects when they are building the houses but at times they do not give importance to basic yet vital aspects like proper ventilation system.

Ventilation is very important in a house and when building a house it should be taken care that the house has good flow of natural air. Nowadays, there are many high power lights and electronic gadgets in the house; having an air-conditioner may keep the house cool but the heat which is released will stay inside the house. In order to avoid this, the house must be provided with good flow of natural air. Air-conditioning and fans are good for keeping the temperature low but they do not have an eco-friendly environment that people want to have in their houses nowadays.

Providing for natural ventilation in the house is very simple and can be done effectively to get good air flow. For good natural ventilation, the windows and doors in the house must be placed properly so as to get proper cross ventilation. The size and shape of the room also decides the ventilation in the room so for big rooms, more ventilation is needed. If the houses are planned in such a way, there will be enough fresh and natural air which will reduce the usage of air-conditioners and fans in the house. This will in turn reduce the power used in the house and reduce the use of electricity. When many windows are placed in correct places then it increases the natural light flow also in the house and this in turn reduces the thermal heating due to lights inside the house. Thus by having an effective ventilation system, an eco-friendly environment can be achieved in the house at affordable costs.

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