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Importance Of Soil Test In Construction

The construction companies has had a boost in the past few months in Chennai due to reasons like formation of new government, reduction in loan rate, new policies etc. There are many builders who are promoting flats in Porur, OMR and other areas in Chennai. Buyers of such flats in Porur or OMR areas must keep in mind to inspect not just the interiors of the house or the amenities, but also the soli test reports. Soil testing is a very important aspect to be noted when a person is buying a flat. The buyer of a flat should make sure that there has been proper soil testing of the particular building.

Soil testing basically means determining the reactivity of the soil. Soil reactivity refers to how the soil onsite will react to certain conditions (i.e.) does the soil move, expand or contract etc. Soil testing is highly important mainly when multi-storied apartments are being built. Builders have a notion that soil testing is time consuming and will cost lot of money and they just have a general testing and idea about the soil in the particular area rather than having a proper test done. Builders fail to understand that proper soil testing actually will reduce the cost of laying the foundation for the building. For instance the cost of a general soil test before laying the foundation for the building comes up to 4-5 lakhs. The same foundation with proper soil testing will cost nearly half of that.

When buying flats in Porur, OMR etc where the soil texture is different from the soil in other areas of Chennai, a person must be careful to see if the builder has done comprehensive soil testing. Nowadays soil testing is being done in all government buildings but other builders tend to ignore this important norm in construction process. So as a buyer, it is well within your rights to question a builder if proper soil tests have been performed on the site.

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