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6 Ideas to Improve Resale Value of Your Property

Written by Team Urban Tree

Making the decision of selling your property is a huge step. But do you know the fact that you won’t get returns on your property which is equivalent to the purchase price paid by you? Also would any potential buyer buy the house as it is in the present condition? No, right? What you have to do is to boost the value of your house before selling it and the best way to do so would be to make it as good as new. Like those small cheap tweaks that would help you get a better return than what you are expecting. Given below are 6 ideas which will help you improve the resale value of your property a tad bit more.

Much needed conversation with the designer-

Every minute detail counts and only a designer can have an eye for that. When you’ve made the decision of selling your property the first and foremost thing to do is to talk to a designer, and get his insights on the property. If he suggests huge changes which include bringing down the wall or maybe the property you can consult other designers or go to an architect who is best in this job. You can also get suggestions from a designer/architect on what would be the best ways to increase the resale value of your property. Try to go with his opinions and ideas as spending a dime over the property will be fruitful for you at the time of reselling it.

Paint down your house-

Paint Paint Paint, Paint down your house. You may have spent years in this house without painting it up, but now that you’re selling it, you’ve got to paint it up. A buyer needs to be attracted towards your property not just from outside but from inside as well. And to make the right impression from inside you’ve to paint it. You can take the help of designers who will give you the right colors that will suit your property. Painting your property would mean brightening it up with vibrant shades and colors which will enhance the value of your house. You will be amazed to see the difference painting down your house can bring!

Keep it clean and tidy-

Nobody likes a dirty house, not even the person who is staying in the house. Hence, it goes without saying that you need to keep your house clean. Make sure to remove all the spider webs that you can find. If your attic is not done then you clean and decorate it. You can get some minutes renovations done like adding a bathroom if you feel it’s needed. According to Consumer Reports, cleaning can deliver 3% to 5% return on investment, and since this is something you can do yourself without the assistance of anybody else keeping it simple, clean, and stress-free can really boost the resale value of your house.

Don’t DIY everything-

‘They say that a property can be best designed by the people who are staying there, but that doesn’t mean you DIY everything. Spending a dime is essential as it helps you to increase the resale value of your property. A lot of DIY hacks are given on the internet which can help you, but certain things are meant to be done only by professionals. For instance, the work of a plumber and an electrician can be done only by them. You trying to do that wouldn’t be considered as a great idea and can also cause mishaps.

Kitchen is the give-away-

Any update in the kitchen, like bringing down the kitchen wall to create more space in the living room can be an added advantage. Changing the platform of your kitchen or the cabinet’s direction can also attract the eye of the visitors. Experts say that adorning your kitchen with bright lights, wallpapers, and paints can be a great help. If you’re running on low budget then you can look for simple hacks like changing the handles of the cabinets or changing the sink. Kitchen is the heart of the house and any potential buyer would want a well suited up kitchen. Hence, before making the move make sure that your kitchen is up to date.

Outdoor ambiance is the key to your lock-

First impression when done right always works and same is the case of your house. The outdoor ambiance of your house will be first seen by a buyer and if you’ve kept that updated then you’re close towards striking a deal. Make sure to clean up your lawn before you call the buyers. Adding an appeal to your house, like a new mail box, outdoor lights or investing in greenery, like potted plants and shrubs can highlight your house. If you only have a portion of empty space before your house then make sure you keep that clean and simple.

Even the minutest changes made in the property counts, and if you’re investing in your property for someone else then make sure every penny spent on it is getting counted along with your purchase price. You can bring down your property and decorate it again or you can make changes wherever needed, the choice is yours.  Also while you’re improving make sure to remember that you don’t over improve and to check the demand of the locality of your house with experts before making any changes.

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