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7 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire You to Work

Written by Team Urban Tree

Home offices were something you didn’t see often those days. They were then devoted to only homes of people who had space to spare or business to be done. But now-a-days, home offices have become more common. Even people who don’t work from home these days feel the need of having a small place assigned for it. Moreover, working from home is like being in your own cocoon of luxury and comfort. But creating an environment which doesn’t get you lousy is also a vital part of home offices.  So when designing your home office make sure that you’re following the 7 home office ideas that will always inspire you to work more!

#1 Organization done right –

Organization is the most vital key for an inspirational work environment. Achieving this would mean creating a perfect balance between your personal and professional life. You can use baskets and old wooden or shoe boxes for storing magazines and books that you require. Organizers can also be used to keep the desk clean and tidy and keeping everything in place. Sticky notes with important information can be stuck and kept at a bird eyes view so that you always have your eye on the work which needs utmost importance. Floating shelves can also be used to make a creative ambience.

#2 Spacing it up –

A metal table which holds your laptop in place would after a point of time block your mind of ideas and inspiration and a disorganized and cluttered office will never give the right motivation that is needed. Therefore finding the right space and using it in the most efficient way is important. Don’t clutter up your desk in one corner just because you can’t find enough space. Organize and re-organize your house and find a corner that caters to your needs and works as a perfect work place. You can also redesign you attic if you’re lacking space at home. If your work involves a lot of writing or if you are a nature lover then you can set your work station next to a window which has a great view of your garden or you backyard.

#3 Choose the furniture that suits you-

The right furniture can help you create a laid back atmosphere. Having a cubicle with a well decorated desk and comfortable chair is essential. You can also invest in couches if you’ve a large spacious area which can be used when you have your clients coming in. Foldable board can be used if you’re lacking space and can be put away when not needed. A comfortable chair is a must as you’ll be spending most of your time on it. So don’t think twice while spending a dime on your chair!

#4 Décor that partners with your attitude-

A well decorated work place not only inspires the person who works in that place but also talks of his character to others you come there. Quotes from your favourite authors or ones that is in sync with your work can be put up. These can be re-done with comic figures framed and put up. You can hack your store to find anything that matches your work. If you’re a girl you can go all girly when it comes to decorating but remember to keep it professional. If you’re a green lover, then you can have potted plants. Having a personal touch in your designs would help you to keep a positive vibe in the work place. A bulletin board wrapped with fiber can be put up if you’re not a fan of sticky notes!

#5 Let the light guide you-

The right kind of lighting is vital for a home environment. To be able to get natural light or choosing a place which provides you natural light can be a boon. If your work space is spacious you can invest in French windows. In case you’re not able to get natural light you might have to create a right light ambience. You should choose a light that does not get you feeling lousy and dull. In case you would be working on your laptop for long hours it would be good for you avoided dim lights.

#6 Colors that blend with your work-

You can also blend your home office with textures and graphical designs. If you get enough of natural light then you can use light colours which would create a calm environment and will also help you concentrate on your work. You can create a style and statement of your own by using bold and dark colors but using them in the right way is also necessary.

#7 Be gentle with your technology-

Taming the technology is also considered as a part of home office. The wires of the gadgets or machines used by you should not be left as it is just because it’s your house. Having an idea of the kind of tech that works with you is of a great help. Scattered wires if any or disturbances in the gadgets used by you can cause a lot of frustration and taming that in the right way would mean creating a perfect home office.

Earl Nightingale has once said that, “Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.” Of everything a home office should be a reflection of what you are and what inspires you the most. Especially it should be filled with all those things that you love the most. Hence, make sure that you design your home office place in such a way that it exceeds your expectations and gives you the right kind of motivation which will inspire you to work even on a Sunday!

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