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Does Your Insurance Policy Cover These 10 Important Factors?

Written by Team Urban Tree

It is vital for you to pick your home insurance policy with the utmost care and diligence due to the amount that is at stake. You like any other buyer, make a huge investment when purchasing a property. Any mishap could potentially lead to high-spending risks against which home insurance coverage offers protection. Here are some points to keep in mind when opting for a home insurance policy:



Modern homes have extensive furniture made of various materials serving different purposes. They are expensive due to their multi-functionality and aesthetics. Home insurance should ideally cover the furniture in the household- be it for seating (chairs, sofas), sleeping (beds, chaise lounges, divans) holding (tables, desks) or storing (cupboards, shelves) purposes. It is important to ensure that the home insurance covers a majority if not all the pieces of furniture.

Household appliances


In this day and age, most people own basic electronic appliances and gadgets. They are extremely expensive and also fragile. The smallest bump or drop could potentially lead to damages worth thousands to repair. It is important for your home insurance to cover the appliances at home as it is a huge investment in terms of expenditure. Washing machine, refrigerators, kitchen chimneys etc. are just some of the high investment appliances that require protection.

Household contents

Contents are usually offered as an additional feature that needs to be specified. It is for this very reason that it is important to do the homework before finalizing on an insurance policy because the basic and standard home insurance policies are not inclusive of contents. Contents include any additional object that is not attached to the building permanently but is within the premises of the property whether in the interior of the house or the exterior of the house (located within the premises of the property).



It is important to cover any unexpected damage due to high voltage, short-circuit interruptions and other factors either electrical or otherwise, under the home insurance.


Structural defects in terms of construction are also offered as part of insurance coverage. Home insurance should cover any form of defects that are found after the completion of the construction. It could be in the form of rotted wood, ventilation issues, drainage, environmental hazards etc. It is important to enquire if the home insurance covers such defects.

Floods Inundation

There is a high risk of damage and danger from the flooding aspect with the changes in the environment around us and an increasing number of water bodies being converted to residential areas. Home insurance should offer coverage against this natural calamity.



Theft in terms of burglary is commonly in the form of breaking into the house and entering forcefully with the motive of committing a crime. Home insurance should protect the household against such incidents that can take place at any time. Home insurance should mainly protect the house from such intrusions, which are unwarranted.

Fire explosions

Residential fires are those that could break out without a warning potentially wreaking damage and havoc. The home is prone to such fires that take place due to negligence. It is important for your home insurance to cover fire incidents, as they are commonplace and frequent in nature.


The occurrence of natural calamities is unexpected and cannot be controlled. Home insurance should provide for cover against such instances as an earthquake can cause a widespread destruction, which will take a long duration to repair and is quite an expensive process as well.

Building collapse

The collapse of a building could wreak havoc and cause many causalities and fatalities. The building should be protected against collapse by ensuring best infrastructural precautions. Once this is undertaken, the home insurance should also cover the possibility of a building collapse.

When chosen carefully, a home insurance can offer coverage against the structure and the contents of the household. Further, an added advantage is that Home loans can be availed easily if the home is covered against risks through home insurance. Keep these points in mind before you narrow down on that insurance policy!

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