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20 Hacks to Keep the Messiest Areas Organized

Written by Team Urban Tree

Your house is not only a living space, it is also a place where you play host to many guests. It is a place where there are many people coming in every day, the number definitely varies as per your social life. Cutting the long story short, houses need to be kept chic and span. Homeowners can spend all they want behind interior decoration, yet there will be certain parts of your house that would get messy within no time at all. Cleaning up the mess, left behind as a weekend work, can be very painful for the modern day families with their busy lifestyle. Unless you find a once and for all solution to overcome the mess, the need to de-clutter can be an ever arising issue. If you face the same issues as stated above, then the tips we are about to mention below would be immensely useful for you. Let us start:


Most people find wardrobe maintenance one of the biggest problems in their life. No matter how hard you try, things just get messy in there. What if we tell you, that mess inside a wardrobe can be overcome with simple planning and organizing?

#1 Categorizing Clothes:

Do not stack all the clothes together. Create neat differentiation between them. The ideal clothes for the season should be kept in the lower racks. Again, organize the seasonal clothes as per formal, casual, upper wear and lower wear. This will save you time from searching for the ideal clothes to wear.

#2 Displaying the Clothes:

Arrange the clothes vertically, so that you are able to see a part of the clothes. This helps you single out the clothes you are looking for without having to run through all of them and create a mess.

#3 Drawer Organizers:

Drawers are ideally the best places to store small things, which are needed often. But keeping things randomly inside them can create a mess, which would need a significant time to organize. This is why you should have separate compartments for each specialty of things. The number of compartments you need will vary according to the types of things you store.

#4 Using Cereal Boxes:

Drawer organizers can be easily created with the help of cereal boxes. Color and design the cereal boxes and then stick them against the drawer. You may even label the boxes against their ingredients, to avoid future confusion.

#5 Jewelry Organizer:

Staying within your bedroom, the small bits and pieces of jewelry are essential whenever you want to dress up yet they are so hard to be kept organized. How about taking an abandoned picture frame, adding some pegboard and wire inside it and there you have it. Your jewelry organizer is ready. It can be hung from the nearest wall to your dressing table. If you have a particular sense for home decor, then add some color and designs to the picture frame.

#6 Organizer for Bracelets:

You can use a paper towel holder to organize your bracelets. Just slide the bracelets through the holder and you have a perfect stand to keep them neatly stacked.


Drawing rooms are the places where you play a host to guests and they often give out the first impression. This is why even small clutters should be efficiently removed from this room.

#7 De-clutter the wires:

Drawing rooms often end up being a clutter of several wires. Coffee tables in this room are often used to keep the router or to charge mobiles. As a result, they end up looking ugly. How would you organize the room? You may use the bread clips, to label each of the wires (for router, charger, laptop, etc.). This will help you cut the clutter significantly.

#8 Using Old Books as Mobile Holders:

Take a thick old book (which you do not require anymore), and carve it out a bit creating enough room to hold the mobile. Decorate the front cover and the inside of the book as you wish to and then place the mobile there each time you need to charge the mobile.

#9 Old Books for Router Storage:

Internet routes also find a place in the drawing room and they may remain as an ugly blotch on the otherwise perfect décor. So, why not use the old books (in the same manner mentioned above) to keep them neatly organized.

#10 Baskets for Extension Chords:

There are many homes which use an extension chord to find charging points for devices such as router, charger, and laptop, among others. This again creates an ugly mess of wires. Why not use an old paper packing box and place the extension chord inside it as well as organize the wires associated.

#11 Cleaning Supplies:

Cleaning supplies are those strange things that do not find a fixed place within your house and end up being placed wherever there is some extra space. This can create problems when you actually need to use them. Why not designate a fixed space for them in the shoe rack. Shoe racks mostly find their place in an indistinct corner of the drawing room, and they inevitably have some extra vacant spaces on the sides. Place the cleaning supplies on the sides of each compartment, making them easy to find in times of need.


Ask any homeowner, and they will inevitably state that kitchens are the messiest spaces in their house. No matter how big a kitchen you have space always looks so less! This is why you need to think out of the box while organizing the kitchen.

#12 Designating each cabinet:

The best idea to declutter your kitchen cabinets is to designate them. Create categories for drawers such as plates, cups, plastic containers, kid’s utensils, etc. This means that the cups are always arranged in one drawer, while the plates and plastic containers go in the other.

#13 Use Stickers to help others:

There is no point in creating a blueprint unless other family members do not follow it. So, you can use stickers to clearly denote which utensil goes in which cabinet. This way everyone in the family has an idea about where to place each.

#14 Save Countertop Space:

There is always so much to keep on the countertop and that creates a lot of mess in the kitchen. The smartest idea would be to put things of everyday use on the countertop. Purchase a spice rack and only keep the most used spices in their other spices should find their place in a different rack. The mixer, juicer, and other electronic appliances should be kept in a drawer, and not the countertop.

#15 Storage for Cookbooks:

Often you might need the cookbooks to cook up some unique recipe. This is why a significant space on the kitchen countertops is occupied by these books. Why not purchase a magazine rack and organize the cookbooks neatly in a corner. That would free up some space for sure.

#16 Organizing the Refrigerator:

There are always so many things to keep in the refrigerators. It’s better to keep it organized. Purchase some binder clips and hang some of your packaged food from the sides of the refrigerator. This will surely save some space.

#17 Baskets for Small Containers:

Buy a semi-sized basket and arrange all the containers as well as some of the groceries kept inside the refrigerator. You would be left amazed at the amount of space this small act can save.

#18 Periodical Refrigerator Cleaning:

Cleaning the refrigerator becomes very painful if it is not done in a periodical manner. Make it a habit to throw out stale and other food that you will not eat, before bringing home fresh groceries.

#19 Storing the Small Bottles and Cans:

The small bottles and cans that take up a significant storage space in the kitchen can be arranged neatly with the help of a magazine rack. Arrange the cans and bottles according to their sizes, one over the other. Then place them neatly on the magazine rack. You will find that the rack can efficiently hold a lot of cans and bottles, freeing up much-needed space.

#20 Saving Spaces with Magnetic Boards:

Magnetic boards can come in handy when you want to save some valuable space around your house. Hang the magnetic board from a corner of the kitchen and hand the magnetic lid spice containers from it. The board can also be used in similar way to store the small items such as nails, screws, and other such supplies. It can even be used in the bathroom to store your metallic objects such as nail clippers, scissors, shaving sets, etc.

We hope our compilation of tips would make your life much simpler and remove the mess associated with various parts of your house.

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