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Key Amenities That a Home Buyer Should Look For In a Residential Apartment in Chennai

Key Amenities For A Residential Apartment
Written by Team Urban Tree

Chennai, a city rich in heritage, culture, health infrastructure and architecture is one of the most thriving metros of India. Known as the Detroit of India for its prospering automobile industry, Chennai houses the third largest expat population in India. A city that places itself at a comfortable balance of modernity and tradition, Chennai is known for its lip-smacking food, a thriving artistic community, flourishing business and economic ecosystem but most importantly, its unique mix of convention and contemporary. Hence, it’s no surprise that people from all over the world settle in Chennai and set up their humble abode in this megacity. However, since buying a residential apartment is not commonplace and is a decision that you will have to live with throughout your life, we are here to make sure you make the right choice. Here are some pointers for you to keep in mind before purchasing a residential apartment in Chennai.

#1. Ventilation

With Chennai’s humid climate, it is imperative that the apartment you choose has good ventilation. Apartments closer to the coastline of this port city receive respite in the form of pleasant sea breeze. Irrespective of your apartment’s location, insist on having cross ventilation, a generous number of windows and open spaces in the home you choose.

#2. Waste Disposal

Come 2019 and Chennai is going to be a plastic-free city. Hence, go in for an apartment complex or community that already has a comprehensive and municipal compliant waste disposal system in place to make sure you are doing your bit for the environment and exercise responsible waste disposal. It will also save you and your family the hassle of readjusting to new systems in 2019.

#3. Security Services

Chennai is undoubtedly one of the safest cities in the country, having topped the safety index survey conducted by Mercer in 2016. Nonetheless, it is important that the apartment you choose has a comprehensive security system inclusive of cameras, 24/7 security manpower, security signs, designated parking areas so on and so forth. It not only makes life easier to have these amenities in place but also ensures that help is available at all times and anything that is amiss does not go unnoticed. With online purchasing and food delivery at an all-time high, it is necessary to keep a tab of who has entered the building and for what purpose.

#4. Water Supply

India’s health capital Chennai has ample access to water bodies in the form of rivers, lakes as well as the sea. However, one must note that this megacity is prone to cyclones and depressions every year around September – December. These storms uproot hundreds of trees which result in a subsequent summer that is harsh, coupled with water scarcity. Hence, ensure that you go in for an apartment complex that can house adequate water in overhead tanks and possess a robust water purification system. Rainwater harvesting to is a necessity with the temperate climate of Chennai.

#5. Access to Major Roadways

Chennai has a wide-ranging road network with three major roads connecting the city from end to end and forming the backbone of Chennai roadways, namely Mount Road, Ponnamallee High Road and Beach Road, with Beach Road extending into East Coast Road (ECR) which connects Chennai to Mahabalipuram. ECR is a city hotspot housing expansive and luxurious apartment communities with majority expats setting up their residences on this stretch. Ensure you choose an apartment that is well connected to any one of these major roadways, enabling you to easily navigate to major areas in the city. Also, make sure the approach road to your gate is a solid wide and well-lit road to ensure safety and security.

#6. Recreational Facilities

With a well-connected roadway system, no place is too far in this megacity to access. One can drive through the wide city roads with ease to access a wide plethora of recreational facilities such as the city zoo, a one of a kind crocodile bank, art theatres, shopping malls, movie theatres etc.  Having said that, it is important that your apartment complex houses basic recreational facilities such as a health club, a departmental store/pharmacy, a play area for children and a garden at the very least. For those lazy evenings and sluggish weekends, an in-house recreational zone is a major boon. A movie theatre, community hall and game centre would be a welcome addition too, especially if you are looking to move in with children.

#7. Power Back-Up

This is a non-negotiable requirement. A power outage is a common problem in all areas of Chennai during the summer months. With temperatures touching 40 degrees Celsius and humidity gnawing at your skin, you definitely need a power back up at all times to beat the heat. Often times, in large apartment complexes, 24/7 power back up is promised but seldom delivered. Make sure to run a thorough check on this one, because the climate of Chennai warrants it.

#8. Parking Facility

While you are certain to be allotted at least one parking space with your apartment, it makes good sense to check if there is a guest parking area that you or your guests can avail of in the event of a second car. Chennai as a city does not boast of wide inner roads and ample parking space which you would find in cities like Chandigarh or Jaipur. Hence, it’s best to have in-house guest parking to avoid unnecessary hassle.

#9. House Help

Make sure you purchase a home where house help is easily available. Often times, drivers, cooks and helpers refuse work primarily because of the distances they need to cover in order to get to their place of work. Purchasing a house in some posh areas in Chennai such as Poes Garden will leave you with no option but to shell out higher salaries for your staff. In some other newer upcoming areas, it is very difficult to get house help due to distances and scanty population in and around. Hence, give some thought to the accessibility of the house help before zeroing in on an apartment.

Investing in a home is a once in a lifetime decision. We hope this article can serve as a guiding light for you to decide on your dream home.

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