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10 Ways to Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom

10 Ways to Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom
Written by Team Urban Tree

Kids believe in magical things and that is exactly what their rooms should reflect. It is easy to incorporate elements into their room without spending too much. Let us see how.

When it comes to your kid’s room, you can go all out in terms of colours, patterns and textures. Kids love to have different varieties of objects lying around. The fun quotient is something that is high on the list of things that can make your kid’s room adorable. It is also really important for your kid to have bright and positive colours around them as it helps with brain development.


hammock in kid's bedroom

Hammocks are a great way to make your kid feel happy-go-lucky. They do not take up much space. Once they are hung on the wall, they require very little maintenance. Since they do not cover floor space, they are not a hindrance for walking around the room.

 Ceiling glow lights

The glow lights light up the room at night after absorbing light during the daytime. These lights are a great way to make your kid feel safe as most kids are afraid of the dark. Glow lights will make your little one feel comfortable by providing just enough light without being too bright. They will also enjoy falling asleep to the view of planets and stars.

Theme bed

Theme bed

Beds come in all shapes and sizes for little ones. There are themes based on famous movies. Animated characters, Kids TV shows and other famous creatures are all part of the merchandise that you will come across in stores. Beds shaped like cars, spaceships, ponies etc. are a great way to encourage your kid to sleep in their own room.

Mini Bounce house

Bounce house kids urban tree

There is nothing more fun than a mini bounce house inside your kid’s room. This adds to the adorable factor and is a great way to keep your kid entertained and active. They are sure to be happy to have this cool accessory in their room.

Kids artwork display

Kids art gallery

Kids regularly doodle, draw and paint pictures of anything that they find interesting. Having a little display board featuring the art collection made by your kid is a great way to decorate their own room. They take pride in whatever they do and would like people to appreciate them.

Chalkboard on walls

Chalkboard on walls

Your kid may be really good at creating designs and may have a tendency to “Van Gogh” on the walls. This can be avoided with a great way to decorate their room which will give them the space to get artistic… all by placing a big chalkboard on the wall.

Bedroom trunks

Bedroom Trunks

Your kid’s room may be extremely hard to clean up as it is constantly in a state of mess. By having a huge trunk near their bed, you can make sure that their room is not too messy. Trunks come in different designs and are high on the cuteness quotient.

Tyre Swing

Kids love activities that are physically and mentally stimulating. Having a swing in your kid’s room is bound to send them over the moon. These are easy to install and require very little space. Your kid’s room is the ideal place for a tyre swing as there are not many objects that take up an elevated platform.

Colorful Decals

Colourful decals

These decorative designs are extremely eye-popping and can fill your kid’s room with an aura of energy and youthfulness. They are easy to make, so feel free to assign your kid with this fun, crafty project and showcase their work. A plethora of decals are available online to purchase too, and since they’re temporary they can always be replaced with something better.


Canopies in kids bedroom

Canopies on your kid’s bed will make them feel cozy. It will also add an aura of warmth to their room if you choose to hang some fairy lights across. You can create your own canopy out of the fabric of your choice with the help of multiple DIYs that are accessible on the internet.


The decorations in your kid’s room should reflect the things that make your little one happy and excited. A great room will lift their spirits and is also adorable to look at. By involving your kid in decorating their room, you can make sure that you include things that they like. It is important to keep the room minimalistic and give them lots of room to run around and be active. Make sure that when you design your kid’s room, you unleash the child in you.


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