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Kunwar Bai – The Woman Behind Defecation-Free Villages in Chhattisgarh | #PowerWomanOfIndia

Kunwar Bai
Written by Team Urban Tree

On account of International Women’s day, team Urban Tree has meticulously chosen some great women achievers of our country. As we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women on March 8, this is a series of blogs that feature those strong women of India who have made their way up to become successful by breaking stereotypes!

Kunwar Bai lives in Kurruibhat Chattisgarh . She is widely known for having sold-off her goats in an effort to build two toilets at her home. Subsequently, she started showing the many other villagers the toilets at her home and informing them about its importance.

She recently gained accolades by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The P.M commented that it was a big sign of a changing India. It turns out that every home in the village now has toilets. He stated that when a woman from a remote village in India can make the effort that fulfils the dream of clean India, she is definitely an inspiration for everyone, especially the youthful faction.

Her Story

Kunwar Bai is an elderly 104 year old woman (yes 104 years old. A big deal in itself) who stayed in a far off village, away from civilization and the advancements that come from it. She has no access to technology and by no means knows about what is going on in the papers or watches any television. Yet through some unknown means the Clean India mission reached her ears and she quickly set out to fulfill the goal of the mission. To fulfill this mission, she sold off all her goats so that she could build toilets and then encouraged other inhabitants of the village to do the same thing.

The effects it had

Thanks to the work of Kunwar, two development blocks, Chhuriya and Ambagarh Chowki that are part of Rajnandgaon are now defecation free. PM Modi states that it is necessary for each and every home in the country to have toilets. This is what would make the Clean India Mission a complete success.

We salute Kunwar for her brilliant efforts towards the clean India mission. She proves that age is just a number and true determination can make us do wonders! She is truly the power woman of India.




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