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Learn the best Pest Control Methods in your home

Best Pest Control Methods
Written by Team Urban Tree


Pests are an intimate part of any home and they can, however, be just as irritating as an uninvited guest. After all, what can be worse in the morning than waking and finding that a rat has eaten your beans or cereals? Bugs and pests crawling all over the home are a big headache. Prevention is the only key here. Here are some preventive procedures with which can help you keep the pests out of your home naturally.

#1. No Water Please!

Like humans, pests and insects require food, water, and shelter to survive. They don’t shop for water or food but their resources will always be available in places you might overlook.  Standing water beneath an indoor potted plant might be one of their favourite shelters. Find other places in your home where water stands and clear away their water resource. Do this and pests will never like entering your home. Simply shoo them away!

#2. Don’t Feed Them!

Be it humans or pests, eating is anybody’s favourite pastime. Look around your pantry: Do you have boxes of biscuits, chocolates, cookies, and cereals? Those might probably be a bonanza for the pests in your home. Always keep food items in hard canisters or hard plastic, which is basically a tightened jar.

#3. Clean Your Home!

A well-cleaned home cuts down the chances of inviting pests to home. Immediately de-clutter your home and remove newspaper stacks and other boxes as they provide the most places for pests to hide.

#4. Inspect Your Home

Regularly check all the openings and vents in your home as they can act as entry points for pests to invade your home. Seal each and every access hole and that’s your secret weapon to attack the pests. Also check the structures and joints of your utility pipes, TV and cable wires. If you notice any holes, pick up filling foam and close off the gaps.

#5. Wash and Dry Clothes Often

Cupboards and bed area were a lot of your clothes hang-in, present as a possible ground for a whole range of pest breeding. So, regularly wash and dry your clothes and ensure you make it a habit. It’s the easiest way to protect your home from pests.

#6. Go green

Placing insect-repelling plants inside your home can be a strategic approach towards pest control. The essential oils present in such plants tend to work as natural repellents. Spring and summer seasons during which pests are most active, try placing plants like Basil, Lavender, Citronella, Rosemary and other herbs.

Some common tips to get rid of pests in particular are,

  • Bed Bugs: Wash bed linens and carpets regularly
  • Cockroaches: Discourage cockroach invasion by keeping your home clean. Place garlic, cucumber slices, and bay leaves in places where cockroaches dominate. These will curb their growth naturally.
  • Spiders: A mix of peppermint and liquid detergent, loaded with water in a spray bottle can be the best repellent for spiders. The lovely aroma of this mixture would act as a freshener too.
  • Flies: Maintain hygiene. Always tightly seal and cover eatables and wastes.
  • Mosquitoes: Don’t leave water stagnant. Have some eco-friendly plants like Mehandi and Tulsi, inside your homes that don’t attract mosquitoes.
  • Ants: Ensure there are no food crumbs or stains on the floor. A neat kitchen area is a basic ground for preventing ants from entering in.

Surrender yourself to nature’s novel ways and become an inspirational icon for others with natural pest control techniques. A one-liner which can sum up this entire write-up would be, “locate the most common points of their entry and cover them up and you’re saved for life from the pest atrocities.”

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