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Learn How Fabric Accessories Can Transform Your Living Space

Fabric Accessories For Living Space
Written by Team Urban Tree

Just upgrading or even changing the looks of your living space will add a lot of positivity and energy to your home. A home makeover doesn’t always mean buying something new you can always brighten the space by adding a few beautiful decor items. We looked up for some decor ideas with fabrics that will perk up the entire space and here are they. Hope you love them!

1.) Put your unused scarves to use. Simply wrapping a scarf across the back of your chairs will add more jazz.Wrapping a Scarf

2.) For an instant boho look, tie them up around your couch pillowsInstant Boho Look

3.) Make your own lampshades! If the light above your dining table is naked, we’ve got this for you. Use a light colored fabric cloth and make a floral lampshade and change your next dining experience.Lamp Shades

4.) Make your own curtains! Pick the right colors and make one-of-a-kind fabric that suits your wall color.Curtains

5.) You can also make some cheap wall arts by just hanging a pretty fabric on the wall like a scarf.Pretty Fabric

6.) Making a custom framed hanging art is even easier. Just staple colorful fabrics to wooden beams and hang them.Wooden Beams

7.) Fabrics for kitchen! Throw away the boring pot holders and make some colorful ones with bright fabrics. You can also try adorning your kitchen with fun polka-dotted tea towels.Fabrics For Kitchen

8.) Decorate the baskets too! Turn any basket in your home into a lookable one by just adding a fabric liner. Why not sew a quirky fabric print for your laundry basket?Decorate The Baskets

9.) Hang fabrics all around! Hang a large curtain and put the usually untidy laundry area in disguise.Hang Fabrics

10.) Also, give your washing sinks, a fabric skirt. Yes, we mean, hide the pipes around your pedestal sink with simple fabrics.Washing Sinks

11.) DIY Fabrics! From old tins and fabrics, bins like these can be quickly made.DIY Fabrics

12.) Old to New! Have an old sweater? Make your own ottoman pillows with it.Old Sweaters

13.) This one is our favorite! Why not wrap your hangers with cool fabrics?Hangers With Cool Fabrics

14.) In the lookout for eco-friendly living habits, many homes have indoor plants. Instead of hanging the regular pots, give it a gorgeous look by covering it up with a fabric below.Regular Pots

Hope, we’ve given you too many ideas to decorate your living space with fabrics. There’s no limit to deploy fabrics to enhance the look of your home. Try these and we’re sure you attract many eyes.

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