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How Can Living In An Apartment Make Your Life Better?

Written by Team Urban Tree

Did you know: Apartments are the hottest selling types of real estate in India?

There are many factors leading to the overwhelming popularity of apartments among the home buyers. An apartment brings forth a world of convenience to the home buyers as well as matches their lifestyle, ideally. Apart from this, if you judge apartments against other types of lavish real estate, home buyers have to invest a lot less to own such properties. If you are presently dwelling in a rented apartment, then owning one for yourself is the next logical move. All you need to do is pay a bit more than your present rental rates, behind home loan installments, and have a property that would be just your own. But there are many other aspects which are making apartments the best real estate purchase decision for the present generation. Here are some ways in which apartment living caters to a better life.

Friendly Neighbors:

Modern day apartment complexes have become an amalgamation of like-minded dwellers. Here friendships with the neighbors can be easy to make. Unlike the single unit properties, here you find a friendly neighbor as soon as you open the door. That can be immensely helpful in many aspects of life. When you face any emergency you can turn to the neighbors for help, if you are going out on a vacation you can request the neighbor to check out in your absence and there are many other scenarios where having a next door neighbor makes your life much easier.

Better Security:

Today we are living in a turbulent age, where crime rates remain high across India. In such a scenario, reading about break-in and burglary in single unit properties in your morning newspaper is quite commonplace. But if you look for thefts and crimes committed in apartment buildings, they will be hard to find. It all comes down to the pro-activeness and the superior security facilities available in the apartment buildings. Mostly, a reputed security agency is recruited to look after the building and every person walking in or out has to make an entry. This minimizes the chances of crimes significantly.

Maintenance Facilities:

Maintenance facilities that are available in apartment buildings help you save money, time and much running around. If you want to maintain a front lawn garden in your single apartment property, then you would have to spend a significant amount of your time in mowing the lawn, weeding, and removing mulch. Cut to the apartments, here you will have a beautiful garden all the same, but it will be maintained by other gardeners designated for the job. In case, electricity goes out, you do not have to do the running around, as the maintenance personnel will address the situation. There are many such maintenance services which will remove the hassle from your everyday life.

Better Storage Options:

Modern day homeowners want their homes to look chic and span at all times. This cannot be attained unless you have a string of good storage areas. Storage options also help you keep the house and various daily used things organized. Browse through any home decor website and you will find hundreds of great storage options for apartments, while the choices for large properties are quite less (and you may be forced to think out of the box). So, the apartment dwellers can install most stylish looking and effective storage solutions in their rooms.

Easy to Clean:

Apparently, many prospective home buyers feel that apartments are too small in size. Do a reality check and pick up the broom with an intention to clean. You will find how convenient it is to clean the small space within your apartment as opposed to fulsome properties. Cleaning a big property to utmost satisfactory levels can be a very tiring work and one which could also take the fun out of your weekends. In case of apartments, as an icing on the cake, your outer premises are already kept clean by the maintenance staff!

Great Views:

Apartments come with balconies and terraces offering a great view of the surroundings from a height. Most apartment buildings are high rises, meaning there is a top-down view available for you whenever you decide to spend some time on the balcony. Now match that with the conventional single unit properties, which are hardly two storey high, and you will get the same view from the balcony as you get at the ground level.

Location Benefit:

To understand this convenience you have to delve into the minds of the realtors. Apartment buildings have more spaces to sell and that means there is more profit in question. While the single units sold at a higher price, have less profit earning capacity. So, the Realtors gladly select prime locations for their complexes. These are placed at ideal locations, with shops, markets, schools, hospitals and other essential amenities which are close at hand. The single unit properties on the other hand, are placed in secluded areas where there is a lot of open space.

Good Investment Choices:

If you want to invest in a piece of real estate that would remain a constant source of income in the coming years, then apartments are the best options. They are not only the hottest properties among home buyers, but also remain in huge demand among the renters. You can always rent out the property if you decide to move to a new location or a bigger house. The resale value of apartments has also remained quite good, so you may even sell the property at a fairly good price.

Cutting the big story short- Apartments these days have become the modern day equivalent for a good and happy living. With a list of great features and amenities, these are allowing the modern families to live just the way they want to. So, now you know why apartments are your best real estate investment decision!


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