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Top 5 Reasons Why Medavakkam is Attracting Young Home Buyers in Chennai

Written by Team Urban Tree

With the rapidly changing real estate scene in Chennai, suburbs have become the new urban. Medavakkam is one such area that has predominantly experienced a high demand and fast development in terms of property development. Today, Home buyers are on the look for palatial premium properties that don’t cost them a fortune.

Understanding their needs, real estate players in Chennai have developed areas that were untouched and undermined for long. Medavakkam has over the years, witnessed a drastic change in areas of infrastructural development and connectivity that has attracted many home buyers.

Below stated are top 5 reasons why Medavakkam is the new hot favourite of every homebuyer.

1. Closer To Nature

Medavakkam is located in the lap of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A person looking to live in an area with closer proximity to the forest that brings along a calm and serene environment then Medavakkam is the place to be in. With vibrant outdoors, breathtaking landscapes and views, this area promises to offer the best of both worlds.

2. Cosmopolitan Residents

Residents of Medavakkam will enjoy a culturally diverse neighbourhood as this place will largely be occupied by immigrants from other cities and countries working in the technology corridor. The population in this area will largely comprise of the younger working class with a mix of senior citizens who will also be a part of this growing community.

3. Easier Accessibility

Medavakkam provides amenities such as supermarkets, elementary schools, entertainment complexes and hospitals made available in closer proximity for a better living. Wider roads connecting to the heart of the city are a great attraction to many people who would like to commute to the city once in a while.

4. Affordable Housing

Medavakkam offers state of art properties at affordable rates. The property rates have a major driving reason for home buyers to buyers to either buy or rent properties in this area. A combination of affordable housing loaded with amenities is quite a steal for every young homebuyer.

5. Technology Corridor

Young professionals who want to live in closer proximity to their workplace have found their ideal residential paradise. Located next to the technology corridor it offers houses catering to the needs of singletons, couples and even families.

Chennai real estate market is considered to be one of the fastest developing realty scenes in India. City centres that previously provided housing in premium locations are now facing a hard time catering to the needs of the citizens owing to the surge in property prices and lack of space for development. Expansion on the peripheries of the city limits such as Medavakkam area has attracted many home buyers instantly. The above-mentioned reasons strongly support why Medavakkam is the next big thing in Chennai.

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