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6 Mobile Apps That Help You With Your Household Chores

best household chore app
Written by Team Urban Tree

We live a career-driven, fast-paced lifestyle and household chores are time-consuming. With time being scarce, we try to fit all our duties within a limited time frame. As a result, it all lines up and we live in an unorganised mess most of the time. Even though we want to live in a clutter-free, clean environment, the time constraint makesit impossible. Technology is also moving at the same pace as we are; There is an app for everything. These apps work in different ways to get our lives sorted.  Here are some trustworthy national and international apps that help you organise your home and make home-cleaning an easy job.

#1. Housekeeping

If you have a problem with remembering household chores then you must check out the Housekeeping app. Housekeeping is an excellent app that helps in maintaining order and comfort in your house. This app creates a list of household chores set with convenient reminders, that will prompt you if there is any delay.  One can choose from a wide range of chores such as laundry, cleaning, plant care and maintenance of household appliances. In fact, the application will remember everything so that household chores can be done easily and regularly on time. Some of the main features of this application are setting up handy reminders, viewing the history of past events, adding different categories of events etc. This application can provide you with complete full-screen notifications complemented with an audio signal for the important cases.

Ratings: 4.3 by Google play users

#2. Our home

The app works on the basis that ‘motivated kids are successful kids’. ‘Our home’ is exclusive to help motivate your kids to do their daily chores on a point-based rewards system. Points keep increasing with the completion of each chore. The app helps kids gain a sense of responsibility. Using the app teaches cleanliness and self-motivation at a very young age. ‘Our home’ app also helps adults keep track of their monthly and daily chores. The grocery tracker is very helpful to keep track of the list of groceries that are pending. You could save a lot of time from making the manual list like you used to and forgetting something even then.

Ratings: 4.2 by Google play users

#3. Unfilth your habitat

The app focuses on a mature set of target audience. It uses a strict and challenging technique to get people moving. The 10,15 and 20-minute challenges make even the most impossible tasks easy-to-complete. The app uses profanity as a tool to motivate people. If you are someone who needs that nudge to start doing something, then this app is for you. The most important attribute of the app is that it dictates a few tasks and also gives a timeline for it. It pushes us to complete those ‘hard-chores’. With an impressive rating by Google Play users, it rates around 60₹ approximately for both Android and IOS users.

Ratings: 4.3 by Google Play users

#4. Tody

The app incorporates a regular schedule for the completion of our chores rather than an arbitrary approach. It helps to keep a systematic track of things and motivates to stay ahead of the schedule. It keeps us in control of the cleaning and not the other way around. The no-reminder or alarm system makes us take responsibility. The speciality of Tody lies in visualizing dirtiness so that you will take an effort to clean in order to enhance your satisfaction. One of the unique aspects of this app is that it can be customized to fit almost any need. It could be used by singles, as well as large households with many members. The user-friendly interface could be used by anyone be it a single or an entire family.

Ratings: 4.5 by Google play users

#5. Urban Clap

Urban clap is the largest service app catering to people’s need all over India, including Chennai. Started by young visionaries, the startup grew to become a huge success in different parts of the country. Their bespoke approach has become popular among many users. You name it, and it is available on Urban Clap. The wide range of services include appliances repair, beauty & spa, home cleaning, weddings, events and more. Urban clap provides almost 107 services with 1 lakh verified experts. It is completely free of cost for both IOS and Android users.

Ratings: 4.3 by Google play users

#6. Housejoy

The app provides doorstep services across 6 cities in India. The at-home facilities help simplify our lives. Some of the services include construction services, renovation services, interior services, home cleaning, beauty services, pest control, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and more. Housejoy offers an hassle-free experience and is easy and quick to book. It’s transparent and affordable pricing has made it one of the most trusted apps in India. Currently, the services are available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Surat, Baroda, and Ahmedabad. It has over 100+ customers and 65000 verified experts.  It is a free app for Android and IOS users.

Ratings: 4.0 by Google play users

Download some of these apps to lessen your burden and to live a tidy-life.

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