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Top 10 Multi Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurants in Chennai

Written by Team Urban Tree

Wow! We catch your attention. Since there are not many out and out vegan restaurants in Chennai, we provide you a list of vegetarian restaurants that serve mouth watering vegan dishes.

The law of thermodynamics states, energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. Similarly there are a few things which remain constant but only its form changes. One such wonder is Food. India is known for its multi cuisine and the variety being offered. Chennai is a place in India where you can find an utterly satisfying meal for casual dining or a formal meeting. With the growing population, Chennai offers numerous eat –out options. If you think there are not many vegetarian restaurants, you should read our blog to know the best restaurants in the city for vegans.

Some famous vegetarian restaurants in Chennai are primarily located in the metropolitan areas of Chennai. Here are a few that would help you!

1. Annalakshmi

Location: Egmore Cost for 2 : Rs. 1000

Known for their South Indian buffet dining, this restaurant is extremely popular. This place is well known for the meal and tiffin varieties. The ambience is mesmerizing with a mild lilt of Carnatic music playing in the background with a royal treatment. They serve Thali and a-la- carte with some notable dishes like Mysore masala dosa, bisibelabath and yummy gulab jamuns. They have a never ending thali. Visit the place with an empty stomach to enjoy the most of it! They are also known for their hamsadvani drink , a treat to your taste buds.


2. BR Mathsya

Location: TNagar Cost for 2 : Rs. 700

Be it Breakfast, lunch or dinner, they have the best of all items. The Jain food is also famous here. We visited here for breakfast and the breakfast buffet has a spread of south indian, chat, pasta, etc. But the place is pretty much congested. So it is better to book a place before visiting. The cost of items is quite cheaper than the other biggies in town. They also serve Jigarthanda for the heat.


Serving Jain Food

3. Krishna Vilasam

Location: Nungambakkam Cost for 2 : Rs. 850

This restaurant offers both south indian and north indian delicacies. An out and out veggie restaurant, this place is not good for Biryanis. We liked the place and the ambience but it is very difficult to get the attention of the waiters. An outstanding specialty here is their veg thali that includes Juice, Dal with Ghee, Sambhar, Kootu, Poriyal, Vatha Kozhambu, Rasam, Curd and Payasam. We found the vatha kozhambu to be very spicy. Payasam was the showstopper and they offer refills without any hesitation.


4. Prems Grama Bhojanam

Location: Adyar Cost for 2 : Rs. 700

The first thing that stole our attention was the tulsi water that they serve. They have various varieties of dosas. But all are of different kinds.

Prems Graama Bhojanam

This place depicts the ambiance of a village with handmade arts on the wall. On the food front we liked the taste and quality of the food. All the items prepared here are with millet, ragi, gram, etc. Konkan Neer Dosa was plain, soft and tasted brilliant with chutney and sambhar. Raagi Roti was dark and looked burnt but don’t be deceived by the looks, that’s not burnt. They served special channa curry just for the Roti. The sweet pongal was the best thing.

5. ID

Location: Nungambakkam and Vadapalani Cost for 2 : Rs. 400

ID restaurants are confined to malls, so most of the people come here after watching a movie, especially during lunch time. They are veggie friendly with a modern bar setting. It is a celeb eat out joint where after a good movie at Sathyam, many celebrities can be spotted eating here. Best items include keera vadaa, dosa varieties of which the spicy panneer dosa was the best. But the coffee served here is quite expensive compared to others.


6. Murugan Idli Shop

Location: Multi location Cost for 2 : Rs. 400

Murugan Idli Shop

It is a small south Indian food joint located in T Nagar. Everything on the menu was quite amazing. The Podi Idli is just the best. The Rava Dosas are quite Crispy and tastes good too. Go to place for super soft Idly’s that will just soak in the Sambar and 3 varieties of Chutneys that will be served. But the unsung hero is actually the Podi Onion Uttapam which is absolutely mind blowing. Dosas and Vadas aren’t the greatest here and can be completely skipped. Neither are the meal options for lunch. But breakfast with Idly, Uttapam and the strong Filter Coffee is a bliss!

7. Dakshinapuram

Location : Velachery Cost for 2 : Rs. 500 approx.

A very pleasant ambience! We never guessed it would be this good from its look outside….Food was just decent and yummy . One can die for their pickles(6 varieties of pickle) placed over the table… We personally liked the podi serving. Overall a more than normal South Indian restaurant with a very little on its menu and the best thing which was satisfying was the ambience. Very good affordable place to visit on a sunday afternoon to have full tummy meal.


8. Sarvana Bhavan

Location : Multi location Cost for 2 : Rs. 300 approx.

One of the favorite family outing restaurant for Chennaites, This place is for the “Traditional Foodie”, provides almost all sorts of Cuisines but is mostly known for its Authentic Chennai style food, has a pretty decent ambiance and is a great place for family get-togethers.


Sarvana Bhavan

9. Anand Bhavan

Location : Multi location Cost for 2 : Rs. 350 approx.

This place is known as the “Paradise for the sweet lovers” and provides all sort of Vegetarian food, Ambience is sober and nice, Old karaoke tracks are been played all the time. It has been there for a very long time and is a budget place to go out. They also serve special dosas like cheese dosa and the chocolate dosa is famous among children. Coffee is a must try out here. The restaurant joint is always overcrowded and it is always difficult to get a table.


10. Eden Restaurant

Location : Besant Nagar Cost for 2 : Rs: 750

This place won’t disappoint you if you are a Vegan. It is one the oldest multi cuisine restaurant. It gives fabulous Baked dishes and is mostly known for its Continental signature style food. This restaurant has a great ambience and is really consistent and quick at service with its well diversified menu.


Hope you find the blog useful. We will be back with some more details covering Pan-Asian vegetarian cuisines.

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