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5 Things Not To Compromise on While Buying a Home

Written by Team Urban Tree

With the check list in hand and innumerable property choices in your head you begin your journey to find your dream home.  But how many properties do you visit until you start scratching things off your check list? Making compromises becomes necessary when things don’t fall in the right place. But it’s also important to know that you’re making the right compromises and in doing so it will only give you a fruitful future. For example, you’ve always wanted a house with a beach view and you got one. But the nearest supermarket is also 10kms away from this house. Would you still go for it?

The simplest thing to do is to understand those compromises where you have to put your foot down no matter what. Given below are 5 pointers that you should not compromise on when buying a new home. After all, a home is where the heart is!

1. Location

Accessibility to the supermarket, with your kid’s school is really necessary if you don’t like to travel much. If you like serene places you can always chose properties out of the city boundaries but you should be accessible to all the basic necessities which also includes hospital. Location factor is also deemed important as it helps to determine the future value of your investment. As a buyer you need to have a clear idea as to what kind of a location will work for you and what will not. Also, when selling the property the location of the house comes into picture.

2. Commute time

Commute time is the total time that you spend on travelling. Some people don’t like to travel much and hence prefer to have their home near their work place so that they can also walk at times. If you love travelling, and if you don’t mind taking the metro, or driving up and down to your work place then you can chose a quiet place which does not fall in the city limits and also gives you tranquility and the amenities that you prefer. If you think you will start to love travelling over a period of time then the best idea would be to travel for a few days from your workplace to your property and see if you like it. If not, this is just not the right place for you!

3. Right interiors

The interiors of a house are done right only when the house looks aesthetically more, spacious and airy even if the house is small. Make sure to check the interiors of the house you want to invest in. The water and electricity supply, connectivity and the infrastructure of the house is also to be checked. You might not have plans of growing your family now, but later on you may. The house you’re looking at should be able to support a family when needed. In some places the developers don’t let you make any renovations and if you don’t jell with the already done interior then you won’t ever fall in love with the place.

4. Garage for parking

Gone are the days when people used to use garage as store house. Today buying a car is made very easy with all the loan and easy finance that is available. In fact, every person in the family owns a car today. If not a car it will be a two-wheeler or even your kid’s bicycle which will need adequate space for parking. With all the vehicles that you own not having the right space available to park them can be a huge crisis. In case it’s an apartment have a look at their parking patterns. Check to see if you can accommodate all your vehicles in the space given to you. When you know you’ve a choice make sure that you go with the best one!

5. Developer’s reliability

The last thing you need if you’re purchasing a house under construction is high degree of reliability from your developer’s side. You should check the reputation of your developer before signing up the deal. It is very difficult to get in touch with the developers once the project is completed. Hence, before deciding that this is your dream house make sure that you’ve made a rain check over the previous projects of the developer and also the facts and information provided.

Buying a property which is in sync with all the items on your to-do list doesn’t always happen, especially if you lack the budget required. There are certain things that you can compromise on like the guest rooms, size of the property and bathroom, a pool, or maybe a backyard and; also the above mentioned 5 things which you cannot compromise on. What is important is to make a wise decision which does not let you compromise.  A wise decision that works not just for your present but for your future as well!

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