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Quick Tips for NRIs to Find Their Dream Home in India

Written by Team Urban Tree

India is a vast country with plenty of options for real estate and with all the government norms that are made easier for NRIs, the Indian market is expected to attract large foreign investment. Real estate is one the best investment that NRIs can make to feel close to their second home. But the whole process with at times no option to physically checking the property can be crucial as they would be investing a lot of capital in this. To feel concerned and anxious about acquiring a property in India is not wrong and so to best help you in this whole process of buying a perfect home here are a few tips you wouldn’t want to forget.


Your future when invested in a planned location, would give you the best of everything. If you wish for a serene place with views that you can enjoy when you come down to India then choosing a property on the outskirts would be a wise decision. But a property purchased with the idea of renting it out would generate better returns if acquired in the hustle-bustle of the city. So the location of the property would essentially depend on the needs it is satisfying. Location in fact, is also the factor which determines the resale value of your property and you wouldn’t want anything less when it comes to getting the returns on the property.


When looking for properties keep a check on all the accessible amenities that are around the area. Make sure that necessities like water supply, electricity, garbage disposal place, supermarkets etc. are at an easy access with the property that you have chosen. These would be essential when you would be planning a visit or would be planning to shift back. They would also be beneficial when you would be planning to rent the property out as it would be considered as a place which offers all the necessary amenities.


Investing money in homes for future use or gain requires concrete plans to avoid debts or losses later. Ensure that you don’t make huge purchases which may lead you nowhere. When it comes to real estate prices they are always at a rise in India and for NRI its best investment to be made in their homeland. When it comes to deriving tax benefits you would have to define the period of your investment which would best be beneficial. Other than this keep a note of both short term and long term capital gains which can be received.

Make a personal visit-

Making a personal visit can be an expensive affair but it would let you check the property you have in mind thoroughly. This is the only sure shot way to check the authenticity of the property that you have selected. If you can’t come ensure that somebody who is known to you does that maybe a trusted relative or friend as a personal visit is a must.

Credibility of the builder-

Before you choose your dream home to be, assemble all the information that you can about the builder. Doing so is important as you would be dealing with him the most. The best way to check the builder’s credibility is to check their reputation in the real estate market and how well they comply with the laws that are set in India. You can also check their past history to get a better picture.

Home Loans-

Getting an approved loan would mean that your investment has gone to a safe place and that you’re closer towards fulfilling your dream of purchasing a home in India. In India there is a completely different process for NRIs who are seeking home loans. Moreover getting a loan from a reputed bank helps in a great way. These banks also have a set of builders for whom they provide these facilities.  They would never grant a loan for a builder with a lack of record.

Legal requirements-

Before settling on a property that matches your needs look into its past. Do a check on the legal disputes that the property has been a part of if there are any. Gather all the information that you can about the property laws that exist in India and are applicable to this particular property. Check whether the property that you are buying is in the name of the seller and all the dues that were on the property have been paid off. Once the deal is done; ensure that you get hold of all the legal papers of the property. Whatever you do, make sure that you have struck a sound deal.

The one that fulfills everything-

Even before selecting the one, thoroughly check as many properties as you can by making a list. Shortlist the properties which best fit your requirements and then scrutinize every property till the last bit. After all that select the one which gives you complete satisfaction without having to make any compromises as you would be spending a lot on this investment. Ensure that you have kept all the aforesaid points in mind when you are selecting the one that fulfills everything.

Make a wise decision before it’s too late. Remember that affordable homes at economical prices are not available everywhere and being an NRI you would want nothing but a home you can come to when you visit India. There has always been a trend of NRIs investing in luxury accommodation of the Chennai as it is one of the cities that offers rapid population growth, has high white-collar salaries and low property prices. Get rolling, and find your perfect fit in Chennai!

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