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How To Organise A Memorable Housewarming Party in 10 Steps

How To Organise A Memorable Housewarming Party in 10 Steps
Written by Team Urban Tree

The joy of moving into a house can never be matched. These new beginnings deserve a special celebration too. Housewarming parties is an ideal way to create memories with your friends and family. Here are a few ideas that will help you orchestrate a fun house warming party.

1. Make a guest list—

Make guest list

To start with, you need to make a guest list which will help you get a clearer picture of how large the gathering would be and plan the arrangement accordingly. This also comes handy when you want to shoot out your invites.

2. Send out quirky invites (Go paperless, go digital)—

Digital invite

Printed invites are cost incurring and also time-consuming. Go paperless and design an invite template and shoot it out to your guests. Make sure the colours are appealing and invite ends with a statement such as “hope to see you there! ”Such invites add a personal touch to your message and make your guests feel important.

3. Never forget to mention directions—

housewarming party directions

Your invite should always consist of a detailed address of your new residence alongside with directions if need be. Today you can also share your Geo location on the invite so that its easier for the guest to use their navigation and reach there on time.

4. Get creative with themed parties

themed parties

Themed parties are always an exciting event for guest to attend and for the host to organise. Themed party makes it easier for you to organise the party and prepare the menu accordingly.  Beach themed, Poolside party (Nautical), and Halloween themed parties have proven to be popular and most liked themes by the guest.

5. Create an ambience—

Create an ambience

Always set the mood right by creating a pleasant ambience. This can be done by lighting up candles or opting for the right kind of lights whether dim or bright to suit the mood. Decorating your party area with scented flowers also adds in spreading the good vibe.

6. Lip smacking food is the star of the party

Lip smacking food is the star of the party

The main attraction of any party is the food that’s been served there. You can either opt for having a galore of finger food or have the caterers display a wide spread buffet for your guest.

7. Get the music right

Get the music right

Set the mood with soothing music to start with and gradually when the crowd pulls in to get them grooving to your amazing playlist. If you have a house with a lawn you can use that space for a makeshift dance floor. Your guest will enjoy themselves without a worry.

8. Be an amazing host—

Be an amazing host

Being the host it is imperative for you to give attention to all your guest while they take a tour of your house and enjoy the party. Be quick in building conversations and engage them while they are at your stay.

9. Plan fun activities for your guest—

Plan fun activities for your guest

Play a game of dumb charades or barbeque your own dinner; get your guest involved in fun activities that you would enjoy conducting. This will engage your guest to add fun and frolic to the party.

10. Appreciate their presence and thank them—

Appreciate their presence and thank them

Never forget to thank your guest for making it to your party. Give them small gifts crafted by you as a token of gratitude. This will make them feel important and valued.

Also, send hand-written thank you notes to friends and family members who helped in organising this party for you. Appreciate their efforts and let them know that they were of immense help.

These 10 steps will help you host a memorable housewarming party for you and your guest. Don’t forget to capture these memories and frame them in your new abode. Down the line, these pictures will always bring back joyous memories about the amazing party you once successfully organised.

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