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Luxury & budget is an emotion – Reason to own a home in OMR

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Written by Team Urban Tree

If you are planning to buy a home that is new age, palatial and the one that fits your budget then your dream abode is definitely not far-fetched. Luxury and budget homes are considered to be two different home styles; this, when put together, is an offer no home buyer can refuse.

Old Mahabalipuram Road has over the decade gained popularity amongst home buyers, investors, and developers. This area initially got its attraction from people who were trying to buy beach houses by the bay. Over a few years, their need has now changed from a summer house to permanent residences.

This popular IT corridor has opened its doors to residential projects sprawling across the sea shore. Rapid development, civilisation, and modernization have paved way for a paradigm shift from a traditional to modern Chennai.

Below stated are 5 reasons why one should own a house in OMR:

1. Affordable Housing

Owning a house in OMR is an affordable affair as real estate developers want to start the trend of luxurious housing at affordable prices. They bring to you low-cost living without having to compromise on their standard of living.

2. Ample amenities

Enjoy ample amenities at OMR be it recreational or posh restaurants you name and it has it all. OMR has been witnessing a sudden emergence of multiple food outlets, schools and even colleges in its locality owing to the population shift.

3. Scenic lifestyle

Waking up to a sea facing window is your thing? Then a house in OMR is a must have. OMR stretch is surrounded by vibrant trees that bring in the fresh air, owning a house amidst that beauty is every man’s dream. Upgrade your old 2bhk with a no view window to a sea facing house at affordable prices in OMR. This could be your one shot at buying a scenic house without burning a hole in your pocket.

4. Cosmopolitan Neighbourhood

Since it is an IT corridor this place has attracted a crowd from all across the globe and the country. People from across the globe come to Chennai for their professional commitments and settle in the neighbouring areas for easy transportation. People from different ethnic backgrounds can be seen occupying houses in OMR making it a classy and cosmopolitan neighbourhood. This lifestyle which was largely missing over the years has now rapidly caught up in the peripherals of the city.

5. Development by Government

The government has taken special initiatives such as the development of infrastructure and security of their area in order to develop their corridor and invite more residents to this part of the city. Any problem that occurs in OMR is readily addressed by the government and action is taken against it immediately. This active interest and participation of the government towards the development of OMR has created a sense of belonging and security in the minds of the prospective residents.

Sometimes luxury does not come with a hefty price, OMR is the right choice for everyone looking for affordable homes. The above-mentioned reasons will help you decide on your house on OMR more promptly and wisely.

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