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Painting a home has a whole new meaning in today’s modern and fast moving world. In metros like Chennai, people have started adopting the concept of designer paints instead of walls painted in one simple colour. With so much demand and sale of ultra luxury apartments, people who own such a home, want the paint and decor to look as luxurious. Those who own ultra luxury apartments want to give their homes a special edge over other homes.

There are many things to be taken into consideration when painting a home. It should be done very carefully as paint has lead content and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) present in them. Lead usually helps speed up the drying up process of the paint while increasing durability and moisture resistance. It tastes sweet but is hazardous, especially to children. Lead paints are not only used to paint walls but also in toys and furniture. It is important to keep it away from children as there is a high chance that a child may come into contact with this hazardous material.

Unlike VOC exposure, exposure to lead starts only after the painting is completed. It spreads in the atmosphere of the home with regular use to objects like doors, windows, exposure to wind and sunlight etc. VOC reacts with the oxygen in the environment in the presence of sunlight and forms ozone which creates many side effects like irritations to nose, eye and throat; shortness of breath, coughing and asthmatic symptoms; it also creates negative effects to plants and trees.

The owner of an ultra luxury apartment or of a penthouse, should be very careful when getting their home painted. It must be noted that if there is excessive lead content in the paint then after the house is painted, care should be taken to ensure appropriate care is taken to get rid of the paint fumes which will affect kids and the people living there. The alternative to this is to start using eco-friendly paints which, even though are on the expensive side, will make sure that no damage is done to the environment or the people.

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