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Places in Chennai Where You Can Get the Best Idlis

best idli restaurant in chennai
Written by Team Urban Tree

Summer or winter idly has no weather. North or South, idly has no border. Idly is loved universally and it can be proposed as the national food too, right? Okay, that might be going a bit overboard. Let’s dig into some cool restaurants in Chennai that are known for its awesome idlis. Read on!

#1. Murugan Idli Shop

Not just in Chennai, Murugan Idli tops the best idli restaurants in any city. They’re of course made for idlis. Their Podi idly is loved for its ultra-soft unique taste that none of the restaurants offers. They’re served hot on a banana leaf with a variety of chutneys that will definitely make you a regular to this paradise.

Best Idli shops in chennai

#2. ID

Satisfy your craving for authentic idlis in this sophisticated restaurant. Their idlis are talked about so much that they started mass producing idly/dosa batter. It is one of the hottest selling products in the market today.

sophisticated restaurant

#3. Ratna Cafe

Originated from Triplicane, Ratna Cafe is widely spread across the city now. We wonder if Ratna cafe is loved for its grainy idly or its unique sambar or for its unbeatable combination!

Ratna cafe in Chennai

#4. Palmgrove Hotel

For those who want to dine in a proper high-quality vegetarian restaurant, hop on to Palmgrove’s Menaka restaurant. People are said to throng in here just for its idlis. You can walk on the roads of Usman road easily but not get a table here on Sunday.

#5. Eating Circles

This place is known for its Thattu idlis that comes with a sprinkle of Podi and a slightly sweet sambhar.

Thattu idly shop

#6. Kozhi Idli

Hot idlis with Chicken kolambu(gravy) on a Sunday morning? What else can make your lazy Sundays brighter? Of all the non-vegetarian restaurants that serve idlis, Kozhi idli stands out as the best. It is open only between 6 pm to 10 pm.

Hot idlis with Chicken kolambu

#7. Mr Idly

An idli lover should visit this place at least once just for their menu. Their speciality is that all the idlis are freshly prepared on order and served straight from the idli steamers. Their menu has unlimited idli varieties and kids idlis too! Try it out guys, it’s located in Kilpauk.

Mr idli kilpauk

#8. Mathsya

Mathsya is one of the Udupi hotels that stands tall even after the decline of the chain. They’re known for their bite-sized idlis that people order even post midnight.

Udupi hotel in chennai

#9. Krishnavilasam

Krishnavilasam’s Rava idli is their signature dish and it is served only after 4 pm. The hot fluffy idlis are accompanied by garlic-coconut podi and tamarind-tomato chutney which is a unique serve that one must definitely try.

veg restaurants near me

Chennai definitely has dime-a-dozen restaurants that serve this comfort food but the above 9 are the most loved ones and are the personal favourites of many. If we have missed out on anything, let us know in the comments section below 🙂

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