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Pollution Can Also Be Indoors

The interior design industry has had a tremendous growth in the past 50 years and this may be attributed to the development in the industrial sector. There are many flats in Perumbakkam, Velachery and OMR areas which are being promoted by famous builders in Chennai. All the flats that are being promoted are aimed at providing classy homes at affordable prices to the buyers.

The decoration of homes before 50 years was much different from what we have today. The development has definitely brought in a variety of options in the decoration segment but if we are to see if they are healthy and eco-friendly replacements, then the answer is a definite No. With the industrial development, a range of materials and decors have entered our country’s market which have mostly replaced the natural decor and materials. People may prefer these decors because they are cheaper and at the same time give a classy and sophisticated look to their homes. There are many interior design materials, toilet fixtures and electrical gadgets which are manufactured but are made to look like they are natural products.

It might seem an easy way to escape the reality and people can tell that industrial development has given us a lot of scope; but such industrially manufactured fixtures and decors usually emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) which is injurious to health in long run. There is also the possibility of bacterial or fungal growth in some places with such decors which cannot be cleaned normally. There are arguments that VOC emission has affected people even in the earlier days; though this may be true, we should take into consideration that today this is not the only pollution that we are subject to, but is one of the several means of pollution that we are exposed to.

Indoor pollution is often over-looked by people nowadays but we should take care to see to it that the use of industrially manufactured decor is reduced as much as possible to have an eco-friendly environment even inside a home.

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