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6 Popular Restaurants Around Sri City Tada

Written by Team Urban Tree

Sri City popularly known for industries is located 55 km north of Chennai on NH5 in Andhra Pradesh. The moment you enter Sri City you exit Tamil Nadu, it lies on the border. People who often come here complaint about no great places to eat! So, we explored Sri City and here are some of the most popular restaurants around Sri City.

For travellers and tourists here is a little guide that can help you satisfy your taste buds. In no particular order enjoy the below mentioned restaurants:

1. The Shabi Dhaba

Spicy Dhaba food

The Famous Andhra Chicken of SHABI DHABA

Located a few meters before the Tada check post (around 2-3 km from Sri City) this place is famous for its spicy Andhra and Punjabi foods, A not so huge place with a few cots spread across which gives the perfect feel of a highway Dhaba .The Andhra chicken and paneer 65 are few of their signature dishes that one must try apart from which there are other veg and non-veg side dishes available along with rice and roti’s.

Approximate cost for two would be Rs 350.

 2. Swathi Restaurant



Located in the heart of Tada (Guntur-Chennai Highway) this Place is one of the well-known Multi-cuisine restaurants around Sri City Tada with good ambience in the form of a Forest themed set-up they do have a wide variety of dishes on their menu which includes a few must-try ones like biryani, Kadai paneer and chicken butter masala and they are popularly known for their Sizzlers. The cost is a little higher as compared to other restaurants around but overall it is a good restaurant to go with family and friends to get a sophisticated experience.

Cost for two would be Rs. 600/-

3. The Cafe AH-45

cafe near tada

Sources :

This café located a few meters away from the entrance point of Sri City near Tada is generally known for its luxurious spread of dishes across various cuisines along with some chilled beers and people looking for a buffet this is the place to be in as the buffet is available on all days. There is a bakery as well that serves some yummy delicacies, cakes and pastries. This café basically attracts a lot of foreign tourists due to its variety in dishes, the ambience and the hospitality. Prices are a bit on the higher scale. Cost for two would be Rs. 1000/-

Cost of Buffet: Rs. 400/- + taxes.

 4. The Cafe Coffee day



This place does not need much of a review but located next to a petrol bunk and open 24 hours  it is one of the favorite hangout spot for people who travel around the clock and in search of a place near Tada to crash in for some hot coffee, cold shakes, burgers ,sandwiches, cakes, pastries and brownies. The café also has a sit out place outside which is pleasant and breezy during the later part of the day.

Approximate cost for two would be Rs. 400/-

5. Sai Mess

Best Dosa in tada

This place is more like a road side eatery located in Tada surrounded by a row of other eateries but this place is known for some of their mouth watering dishes like the paper roast dosa, egg dosa,paratha, egg paratha and lachha paratha’s which is served to you at a very quick time.The best part is all the delicious dishes are available at a very nominal price.

Approximate cost for two would be Rs. 150/-

6. Eat Street

Food court tada

Sources :

Eat street is more like a mini food court with row of independent multi-cuisine food counters under one roof located little deep inside Sri City a few km away from IFMR(Institute for financial management and research) .There are six counters consisting of Tiffin, Andhra Mess, Madras Mess, Chinese, Punjabi Dhaba and Specials Kitchen. This place is recommendable if people want to try different cuisines under one roof.

Approximate cost for two would be Rs.350/-

Hope the above mentioned restaurants are useful to you during your visit to Sri city or some places nearby Tada. If you have any restaurants on your mind please feel free to share in the comments section below, we would love to add them in this list.

This article is contributed by Larsen Lamington, Prachi Srivastava,Murugan Thanikavale,Roohan Malhotra,Saloni Borar,B.M Siddharthan students of IFMR(Institute for Financial Management and Research) PGDM Batch-16.

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  • That’s a really good blog about the restaurants around Tada !! Getting to know the rates and the best dishes in each restaurant is very helpful !

  • Well put and nicely presented article. It’s a eye opener since I have been in Sri City for past three month and never heard of these places. Very eager to try them.

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