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How to Protect Your Home in This Monsoon

Written by Team Urban Tree

Don’t wait for the storm to pass, dance in the rain and celebrate life!! It’s that time of the year which is as beautiful as anything – THE MONSOON. Okay, every coin has its sides!  The traffic is going to still get worse, you’ll have to protect your gadget, carry some rucksacks, wax your shoes..bruh!! Fine. Then, let’s get back to home.

“All this wonderful-magical-beautiful-lovely feel of rain should be kept at the doorstep of my home, NO coming in please!” are you that clean-freak?? By now, you would have already been prepared with some common cleaning hacks like hanging a towel rack behind your door, providing the right ventilation, using jute towels as doormats and the like, for protecting your home this season. Great! Let us walk few miles past all these basics.

This blog introduces you to few of the important cleaning hacks that we tend to miss out but that are very essential during the deep cleaning session of your home for this season. Read on.


Rainy season is just their carnival time! Than looking for ways to use disinfectants, find out ways on how not to let them in. Place cloves, camphor balls, pieces of lemon or some chilies near window and other outlets, where flies are most likely to invade. Well and good, if you can have Tulsi or Mint plants near windows. Keep the eatables covered. If you have some in-house plants, it’s time you give them some natural pour by placing them outside.


Put some rock salt in a mesh bag and drop them in corners of your living rooms. Please give way to the natural disinfectant – THE SUN, once in a while. Camphor burning is not just for Pujas, they can expel fungus too. Close all your doors and burn them often to get rid of fungal molds.


This is just another hectic task that the monsoon gives! Drip dry the washed clothes in the bathroom before you bring them in. If washing machine is used, let the dryer run twice. Deploy hangers to dry them. Much better if you could afford a cloth drying stand. Once dried completely, put some neem leaves in the closet to protect from musty smell.


What monsoon does to your books is irreparable!! So, better be there for them. Throw some naphthalene balls into the almirah and close it air-tight. Also, spread papers along the walls of your book shelf. Once the monsoon is off, be kind enough to give your books some air.


Move away any kind of furniture from windows and walls. Tidy them often with a DRY cloth. To avoid jamming of doors and swelling, oil them frequently and rub it up with sandpaper. Excess dryness can make furniture shrink, crack or become brittle. Ensure you open up your windows and doors in between showers, to enhance the life of your wooden furniture.

Hope these tips help you in peacefully drinking that cup of coffee while you enjoy the monsoon rains from your sit-out. Just blow away the monsoon blues!  Happy rains folks!!

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