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Quick Steps to Make Your Home More Secure

Keep Your Home Secure
Written by Team Urban Tree

When it comes to securing your home and family, nothing can be termed excessive or unwarranted. We are not only financially invested in our abodes but also possess a strong emotional and mentally connect with our spaces. Hence it is imperative your residential property is secure not just from thefts and burglaries but also insulated from possibilities such as fire, gas leaks, electrocution, and other hazards. Extending this sentiment further, we have put together a comprehensive list of simple precautions and safety measures for a safe and happy home.

#1. Get to Know Your Neighbours

Building a strong trust and dependency network with your neighbour not only helps in everyday chores and necessities but is also very beneficial in constructing a secure ecosystem for your home. Neighbours know your routine, activities, and habits and can tell if something is amiss. In the event of an empty home during vacations, friendly neighbours go a long way in ensuring safety and sanctity. A good rapport with your neighbours can also help in building a neighbourhood watch program and associations to facilitate increased lighting around your street.

#2. Secure Your Doors and Windows

This one’s a no-brainer. Make sure the frames of your doors are strong and hinges are protected. Install a peephole or a deadbolt to provide good visibility. Aftermarket windows locks let you open the windows a few inches while still keeping it secure. Else, reinforce all windows with metal bars or safety glasses. Aside of doors and windows, keep all gates, garage doors, back way entry doors closed at all time. Unattended air-conditioner outlets and vents are also a sweet spot for break-ins. Treat all doors and windows as your main entryway with regard to security. Neglect can often lead to regret.

#3. Turn Away Unsolicited Help

Unless you have summoned for some specialized service executive, do not allow random plumbers, water purifiers and electricians coming along to offer routine maintenance into your house. Develop a habit of requesting to see ID cards of specialized agents to make sure they represent your service provider/agent. Do not allow people posing themselves as sales agents or door to door marketers to get close to your main doorway.

#4. Be Vigilant of How You Dispose of Your Trash

Never dispose of any papers, instruction manuals or usage directives of your appliances, locks, and electronics. These documents may contain details on methods or disabling and dismantling the installations and can be very dangerous if they get into the wrong hands. It is always best to either shred them to bits or tear them finely in order to ensure that putting them together will be difficult.

#5. Install Lights in Your Porch & Doorstep Area

Always make sure your porch area and doorstep is well lit ensuring good visibility and eliminating any scope of an ambush or unseen objects placed outside your home. It makes sense to place lights even around your backyard and garage. A healthy practice of switching on one light in the garage and one in the porch overnight makes sure you can see outside without having to step out.

#6. Facilitate Superior Visibility In and Around Your Home

Small activities like trimming the bushes around your home, clearing off piled up waste and putting away unwanted furniture and objects can ensure good visibility for the dwellers and eliminate any potential hiding spots. A haphazard environment may lead people into thinking that you are away and can be a cause of a potential break-in. Ensure there are no ladders, tools and sharp toys lying around your home.

#7. Purchase a Security System

Keeping your home safe just got a lot easier thanks to superior technology in the areas of home automation, security cameras & alarms and motion sensor systems. Remote monitoring systems allow you to view activity in your home when you’re at work or vacation. Most of these systems allow the flexibility of arming and disarming remotely. In the event of a break-in attempt, the security alarms go off loudly throwing the burglar off-guard and creating enough noise to attract attention while notifying you on your phone too. You can also enable thumbprint locks and numeric locks to eliminate the dependency on keys. Many of these systems come at an absolutely affordable price and with DIY installation guides.

#8. Set up a Comprehensive Fire Prevention and Defence Ecosystem

Our homes contain a lot of artefacts and fire-friendly items that can pose serious hazards to your safety in the event of a spark. It is imperative to plan for such life-threatening contingencies by setting up a multi-faceted fire prevention system. Some considerations to keep in mind are:

• Make it a practice to not leave stoves, ovens and other electric appliances unattended
• Check your gas and electric items before leaving your home
• Regularly check for grease build-up in your stove
• Use good quality gas pipes, filters, and appliances. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry
• Always wear fitted clothing when cooking to avoid your clothes brushing against burners and hot appliances
• Employ safety plugs in the electrical outlet and avoid running cords around furniture, under carpets, and inaccessible areas, especially if you have children at home
• Test major batteries regularly and instil a routine of regular replacement
• Install smoke detectors in fire porn areas such as your kitchen, dining area, and living rooms
• Install a small fire extinguisher in your home as a safety measure
• Keep the information of the nearest fire station handy in case of an emergency
• As a practice, keep children and pets away from all electrical appliances and the kitchen/stove area

Aside from the above tips, always stay safe and vigilant of your surroundings. There’s nothing you can trust more than your eyes and your gut feeling. Make sure all your family members internalize and practice these easy and quick steps to eliminate any potential risks. While some of these tips should be inculcated as everyday practices, some others may require more planning, awareness, and investment. Irrespective, home security is paramount to your safety and is very well worth it to prevent unnecessary stress in the future.

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