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Quick Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Goals Before Marriage

Achieve Your Fitness Goals
Written by Team Urban Tree

Hey to-be-brides! How are you enjoying your last few days as a spinster? You must be bundled with bunch of happiness. But, amidst all the excitement and the fun, there is always a ‘mini-nervous-bride’ inside who is stressed and tensed about the Big Day. While the wedding plans gear up one side, ensure you stay fit and healthy during the pre-marital phase so that you see the absolutely stunning version of yourself on your D-day.

From sticking to your diet plan to exercising every day, let’s plan together. Listed down are a few tips that will help you remain slim and chic on your wedding day.

1.) You need to avoid and stay away from the hidden calories that few eatables possess. So, be mindful of every spoon you consume from chocolates to rice.

2.) Don’t skip your breakfast. Yes, breakfast eaters take in fewer calories than those who skip it.

3.) Keep in mind that food is just one part of your diet plan and working out every day should never go out of your sight. Let fitness be your first priority (okay, after your spouse).

4.) Stick to a consistent sleep time. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night including your shopping weekends. The less you sleep, the more you’ll crave for food.

5.) There will be days when you’re out for the whole day. Stash some  healthy snacks in your bag or car so that you don’t fall for the glossy and tempting fast foods and call it a ‘cheat day’

6.) Being stressed not only adds to your mental health but to your weight too. Yes, they do. Exercise often and release stress to reach your goal within a stipulated time.

7.) Are you someone who always looks out for reasons to skip exercising? Well, try waking up with exercise. They day, those who exercise first in the morning are more likely to continue exercising than those who do in the later timings of a day. Try!

8.) Prefer joining a gym because when you train along with a group of people, sticking to your goals becomes a challenging one than when you work out alone.

9.) Consult your doctor and take necessary supplements. Multi vitamins and minerals give a boost to your daily diet.

10.) Focus on your arms and shoulders as they’ll be on the major display. Do 8 to 12 push-ups a day as they directly target on your chest and shoulders at once. Let not quick results be your goal.

11.) Don’t ever crash-diet and turn up skinny. Make sure your everyday meal has enough fat. Healthy fats are required to get you glowing on your big day.

12.) Get rid of the thought that lifting weights might make you bulky. It will only tone your body. Pump more iron into your body and embrace the weight you desire to.

13.) If you don’t find time for yourself, reduce the number of times you exercise every day or cut back the number of sets but never drop it completely.

14.) Make 15 minutes of any aerobic activity like jogging, walking, cycling or running, a part of your routine. To boost your burn, do it at least 3 times a week.

15.) Consume foods that stabilize your metabolism. Go for fresh fruits instead of dried ones, choose barley instead of rice.

16.) Know how much water your body requires every day. Take your present weight and divide into half and that’s the number of ounces of water your body needs. Calculate now and gulp it.

17.) Are you always on the craving for something? May be your body is improperly hydrated or you’re less on sleep. So, whenever your hands stretch on to that cookie, pause for a while, gulp a glass of water or take a nap and then grab that cookie.

18.) Don’t ever work out for the sake of doing it. Get yourself happily wedding-ready by doing what you love. If you’re up for dancing, Zumba is a great tool to work out. Or there are always ways to add fun to your routine exercises.

19.) Diet doesn’t mean keeping away from food and hence fill your tummy every 2-3 hours with some nutritional intakes. When you don’t feed your body when it craves, you’re knowingly going to let your skin turn pale and dull.

20.) Finally, to not get that plumpy feel on your wedding day, start mitigating the consumption of salt as excess of it retains water and gives you that ‘biggy feel’. Say NO to chips, pickles and other such spicy items.

We know this will be the most excited as well as the stressful phase in any girl’s life. Don’t worry! Everything will turn out just the way you imagined! Good luck ladies!

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