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Quick Tips To Prevent Sweating and Stop Stinking This Summer

Quick Tips To Prevent Sweating
Written by Team Urban Tree

Summer and sweat go hand-in-hand. Sweaty days leaves you less confident, more embarrassed, less interactive and more hiding. This summer, when you head outside, stay cool than ever by just following the quick tips listed below.

#1. Deodorants: Chuck them out. Yes, we mean it. Deodorants can only mask the smell of bacteria but not prevent it. Buy an antiperspirant which has at least 14% aluminium chloride. Effective over-the-counter solutions are available. Ask for one and start using them.

#2. Use it right:  Apply it underarms before you go to bed everyday night because antiperspirant needs time to come into effect to block sweat. You usually sweat less during the night and also a full night sleep will give the antiperspirant a lot of time to work its magic for the next day

#3. Keep it dry:  Don’t apply them immediately after you shower on wet skin. Also, ensure your underarms are dirt-free because even the smallest of residue will disturb the functioning of an antiperspirant.

#4. Clear it:  Hairy armpits don’t usually let the antiperspirants do its best job. Consider trimming or shaving your armpits regularly.

#5. Don’t give up: Any new product on the skin needs to be given time to perform and produce results. So, never expect an antiperspirant to stop sweat instantly at the very first use. Use it consistently for 3-4 days but stop if it causes irritation

#6. Please wait: Yes, please wait before after you shower and don’t dress up immediately. Let your body dry. Putting on clothes when your body is wet will add more to sweating.

#7. Eat accordingly: Oh yes, your diet has a direct impact on how much you sweat. Food items and beverages that could trigger sweat include caffeine, hot & spicy food, ice cream, garlic, onions, liquor, beer and all the processed foods.

#8. Stay hydrated: Bathe twice, drink lots of water and increase the intake of foods with higher water content. This will help in preventing excessive sweating.

#9. Wear right: Tight clothes on a summer day will leave underarm stains for sure. Choose loose-fitting clothing and breathable fabrics.

#10. Avoid caffeine: Find alternatives for your morning coffee until the scorching sun bids bye. Coffee raises your body temperature and induces more sweating.

#11. Take fruits: Pick fruits and veggies that promote digestion as well as reduce sweat like cucumber, watermelon, spinach, lettuce and grapes.

#12. Exercise: When you exercise regularly, your stress hormone is controlled, helping you feel relaxed and satisfied. Because, when you stress less, you sweat less.

#13. Apple cider vinegar: Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, apply underarms before you go to bed and wash it off the next morning. It dries out your skin and prevents sweat from coming through the pores.

#14. Stop smoking: The nicotine in cigarettes is much like caffeine that makes sweat glands work overtime than usual

#15. Tomatoes: A glass of tomato juice a day cuts down the amount of sweat and it helps you smell better too :

 Walk out cool without any worry of perspiration. Have a less sweaty summer!

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