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Written by Team Urban Tree

Vanagaram is an upcoming residential neighborhood located in the North Eastern part of Chennai. Over the past few years, there has been tremendous growth in this particular region thanks to its unique location. Once a sleepy suburb, this has become a prime hub for commercial activities and is bustling with activity. It has great access to the rest of the city and provides a great potential for future prospects. If you are still confused about settling down here, we will provide you with 10 reasons why Vanagaram is the perfect place for you to live.

#1. Impressive infrastructure development.

The constant expansion of this region has triggered a vast number of social infrastructure developments. This region is dotted with a number of colleges, schools, hospitals, and banks. This place is also famous for a large presence of temples. There are some prominent educational institutions in this region such as the Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute, Interface college of Maritime studies, and the Apollo Institute of Hospitality management. This coupled with civic amenities has transformed this silent suburb into a premium residential location.

#2. Strategic location

The brilliance about Vanagaram is its strategic positioning within the city. Situated next to Maduravoyal, which is at the start of the Chennai-Bangalore highway. This is less than 10 km from Ambattur, which is an industrial hub, allowing numerous employment opportunities for people. This has caused a demand for real estate properties in the region prompting many real estate companies and developers to initiate illustrious projects. These rapid developments have transformed Vanagaram and made it into an affluent suburb.

#3. Excellent connectivity

 Since it is located at the junction of major roads, Vanagaram has immense connectivity to the rest of the parts of the city. Main roads such as NH32 divulge right through Vanagaram, and it is also flanked by NH48 and Poonamallee main road. This gives the daily commuters the advantage of travelling via the arterial roads and cross other important and commercial hubs like Ambattur, Porur, Arcot Road, Chennai bypass road and even Vadapalani. Even boarding a metro train is relatively easy as the nearest metro station is located only 4 kms away from Koyambedu.

#4. Closer to the airport

The biggest advantage of Vanagaram is that it is closer to the airport. Since it is not situated on the fringes of the city, one can easily access the main city and quickly reach the airport. Vanagaram is just around 16 km away from Chennai International Airport in Meenambakkam and can be reached within half an hour.

#5. A rise of upscale projects

 Due to its strategic location, there is a huge demand for residential properties. This has given rise to a large number of properties in Vanagaram. On average there are more than fifty new properties that have arisen at the moment. The maximum demand is for rented properties as the demographics in this region consists mainly of IT and software professionals. This consistent demand has made it possible for many sellable and rental properties in Vanagaram.

#6. Excellent potential for the future

Majority of the investors in this locality are IT professionals, who are employed in the IT parks of Poonamallee road and Ambattur. Because of its proximity to these important commercial hubs, Vanagaram has evolved into an upscale premium residential neighbourhood. This overwhelming demand is primarily driven by the end users and the investors as well who have started buying properties here.

#7. Zero issues with water

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Chennai as a whole suffers from a host of water-related issues. It gets worse during the hot summer months. And many localities depend on corporation water during the whole duration of three months. Potential home buyers regard this as their biggest criteria in selecting their next home. Fortunately, there are a few areas in Chennai which escape the brunt of the summer season and Vanagaram has an excellent ground-water reserve, this is because of the presence of a number of lakes in this region.

#8. Persistent demand

 Many IT parks are located in Ambattur road and alongside the Poonamalle high road. For all those who are employed in these IT firms, their premium destination for residential hubs is Vanagaram. The majority of them have purchased properties in this area. This unsaturation has enabled and allowed for a constant demand for rental and residential properties in Vanagaram.

#9. High rental value

 The proximity to IT firms has spiked up the demand for rental properties in this locality. Due to its excellent connectivity potential, many singles and bachelors are preferring to reside in this particular region. This has definitely increased the rental value of properties here.

#10. Dotted with many restaurants and hangout spots

Due to its accessibility, it is relatively easy to reach many popular destinations in Chennai. East coast road is not far from here and the scenic beach routes could be easily accessed. ECR is known for its top quality hotels and premium holiday resorts. Besides that, there are a number of restaurants and cafes in Vanagaram such as Arcot Biryani, Friends cafe, Midnight Dhaba and Cake World.

Irrespective of whether you are going for a long-term perspective or a short-term investment, you are guaranteed to get good returns in Vanagaram. This is a suburb with excellent potential and is ideal for professionals to raise their family in this serene neighborhood.

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