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5 Reasons Why CSK is More than Just a Team

CSK is More than Just a Team
Written by Team Urban Tree

There’s a very popular saying in all the business and management schools, ‘Teamwork makes the Dream Work’. And Chennai Super Kings’ run in the Indian Premier League is a testimony to this very quote.

The word CSK brings about almost the same people in everyone’s mind, and that is why they have been so consistent throughout the League’s history, because of their ability to retain and re-select majority of the players, year after year.

Being together for such a long period, a sort of bonding and understanding begins that is much higher than just a team feeling. Here are 5 reasons why CSK is more than just a team.

#1. A Consistent Team

IPL begins with an auction every year and players are shuffles from one team to the other, year after year. But CSK is the only team with most of the players, not changing teams in a long stretch, leaving aside their 2 years ban. The Captain M. S. Dhoni has remained unchanged since the team’s inception in 2008 and Suresh Raina has handled the Vice Captaincy in the same duration. Both these players have been key players in all the 10 seasons of IPL played by the team.

Apart from them, players like Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Murli Vijay, Faf du Plessis are an integral part of the team till date and have been associated with the team for many years.

Retired players like Matthew Hayden, Michael Hussey, Muttiah Muralidharan, Lakshmipati Balaji, and Albie Morkel have also been a key face of the team, while Hussey and Balaji returned back the Yellow squad as Coaches.

#2. A Loving Home

In spite of its popularity and making it past the group stage every time, CSK didn’t play their matches at Home in Chennai due to various reasons in 2009, a part of 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

But did the craze stop? NO! On the contrary, every return of CSK in their Anbuden, that is referred to the Chepauk Stadium by their fans, was met with mad cheer and support. Maybe that is the reason beating CSK on their home ground is one of the biggest challenges for other teams. Even while away, the home fan show their full support on Social Media making them the most tweeted about IPL team among other teams.

The love showered by the home fans was so enthusiastic, that even the players prefer Chennai’s Chepauk as their home more than other ground. Even M. S. Dhoni, a Ranchi based Cricketer, lovingly called as the ‘Thala’ among the fans has said, ‘Chennai Fans over here have adopted me. They accept me as one of their own. There can’t be any bigger compliment than that.’

#3. Team Performance

Good performances increase the energy quotient in the team, which in turn boosts morale and creates better coordination among the team members.  And being consistent throughout the history of the tournament has created a bond among the members that is difficult to match by the other teams.

The case in other Franchises is that by the time they even get to know their team mate’s character and their game, the teams are revamped and they land up in a new dugout with new teammates.  But by retaining many players and giving them chance year after year, the players’ knowledge about their teammates’ habits and their playing style is very high and hence there is a strong bond between them.

#4. Proper Leadership and Management

Be it the IPL or the India Cricket Team, M. S. Dhoni has proved his ability as a highly qualified leader and captain everywhere and every time. He, along with the Team’s Staff and management are the glue that holds the team together and they work very well with each other as families.

Most of the staffs like Physios and Managers are also unchanged for years and hence they have a strong bond with the team.

#5. The Team Atmosphere

The main reason CSK is more than just a team and is so lively is the atmosphere in the dugout, the hotel and everywhere the team goes. At home, the team’s atmosphere reaches cloud nine due to the energy the fans bring to the table, and even while travelling there is no reduction in the number of fans for the most successful team in the IPL’s 12-year run.

The players travel with the family and as a family. Celebrations are very common, as they happen after every win, during every player’s birthday, their family’s birthday and any reason they could get.

In short, the Team’s atmosphere is kept very jubilant and fun to keep the players motivated and well bonded.

CSK is not just a team it’s way more than that. And as you would constantly listen from the CSK’s management, CSK’s team is not just limited to the players, it’s the fans, the admirers and every person who supported them in their lows and their highs.

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