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8 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing a Rental Home

rental home mistakes
Written by Team Urban Tree

Renting a home is best done when you look at all the essential characteristics beforehand without making any assumptions. You still need to look at the long-term picture, although your only renting it and the ownership is not with you. You can never be too sure of what you are getting into unless you ask the rights question! Make sure to keep these following points in mind when you choose your rental home.

Inadequate Information:

You need to make yourself aware of the proper details of any place before you make it your rental home. Renting a home requires you to enquire about the landlord, other tenants, your neighbors etc. before you proceed with the process. Do not make the mistake of not making a list of questions you need to be asking.

Not Asking for a Second Opinion:

Make sure you ask around before zeroing in on your rental home. Ask as many people as possible about all the details that you feel you should gather. Taking things at face value is a huge blunder that you shouldn’t fall for. Neighbors and brokers have enough experience to answer your questions. Make sure you seek their opinion.

Making Assumptions Without Questioning:

Unless you ask, you will not know what you are getting into. Make sure you raise your concerns and ask what facilities will be available. In many cases, the lift and the power backup may not be in working condition. It is important that you raise questions for these reasons.

Not Having Details in Writing:

Verbal agreements are not binding under law. You cannot provide any evidence at a later date if the need so arises. Make sure you have all the pertaining details regarding your rental agreement in writing. Ensure you do not fall prey to this frequent mistake of making verbal agreements.

Depending on Unreliable Sources:

You may encounter people who have no background in the field looking to offer their opinions, in your quest for seeking details. Do not take the words of someone, unless they can back it up with factual evidence. Make sure you approach authentic and reliable sources for your answers.

Insufficient Neighbourhood Research:

Renting a home in a suitable neighborhood is ideal to meet all your requirements. Before you look at a particular rental home, you should do a sweeping check about the amenities present in the neighborhood. Water supply and electricity supply etc. are essentials that you need to check for. Do not make the mistake of not looking at the facilities in the neighborhood.

Not Doing a Background Check:

You will be making a huge mistake if you don’t look at the landlord’s background. You need to see if you can contact previous tenants, the neighbors who have been in the locality for a long time and any other person who can be of help to you. Unreasonable landlords may demand payments that are not agreed upon. Make sure you know what you are signing up for.

Failure to Consider Each Person’s Needs:

A major mistake is not looking at the proximity to schools for kids, offices for the adults and parks and walking area for the elderly in your family. Choosing a rental home that meets these requirements is important so that you don’t need to struggle later with commuting. While affordability is an important aspect in choosing your rental home, it is also equally important to look at the proximity to places.


These are some common mistakes that you can avoid by looking at your options carefully and evaluating them. Make sure you check the facts about each piece of information that you come across. Happy house hunting!

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