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Safety Tips for Elderly People During the Summer Time

Summer Safety Tips For Seniors
Written by Team Urban Tree

While summer is a time of holidays and relaxing at home for most of us, it is just the opposite to seniors as they have to take a lot of precautions to stay cool and comfortable unlike most of us. The age and the changing seasons invite more potential risks that need to be constantly monitored and understood, making their lives so naturally dependable. We have compiled 10 senior-friendly ways that could help seniors stay safe and comfortable during summer.

#1. Stay Hydrated

Oldies are more vulnerable to dehydration than youngsters because that’s how human body evolves with age. You lose the ability to conserve water as you grow old. So, always have water beside and pack enough quantities of water whenever you travel. Your body will face certain difficulties to adapt itself to the temperature change and hence stay informed with a backpack of water. If drinking lot of fluids doesn’t suit your taste, serve your body with food items with high water content like cucumber, strawberry, watermelon, orange etc,. So, just DRINK UP.

#2. Dress Right

While this applies to entire humanity during summer, it’s a must for seniors to dress right for the weather, at least to vent out the heat from the body. Stock your summer wardrobe well in advance with some light-colored and loose-clothes that will make you stay cool and comfortable. Also, it is better to save your eyes with sunglasses from eye damage. Avoid nylon and polyester, and pick breathable natural fabrics that help you stay cool. LAYER YOUR CLOTHES.

#3. Avoid Caffeine

Try to avoid the amount of coffee and tea you drink usually as they can leave you dehydrated quickly. Drink plenty of plain water or coconut water or fruit juices instead. CUT OUT COFFEE.

#4. Escape the Exposure

Get out of your home and meet the sun only when you can’t avoid or escape from the situation. Ensure you stay under the shade. Take a hat with you whenever and wherever possible. There will be times when you realise fans just can’t fight the heat alone, drive in to some public places like malls and restaurants to break from the heat. Also, avoid waiting outside for bus or auto under the heat. SKIP THE SUN.

#5. Apply Sunscreen

Okay, we agree that applying sunblock apparently won’t reduce anyone remain cool. But, it can prevent you from serious sunburns which may increase the body temperature as the skin tries to heal the damaged tissue. Remember, with age increases the sensitivity quotient of your skin. So, apply sunscreen every two hours and after sweating. PROTECT YOURSELF.

#6. Maintain the cool

Ensure your home temperature remains below 85 degrees as even minor changes in temperature can disturb the physical condition of oldies, who are already under chronic medical conditions. Let your ceiling fans rotate counter-clockwise at higher speed this summer so that it creates a breeze effect around. Completely close off the rooms that are no more used and prevent the excess heat permeating your living area. CHILL OUT.

#7. Cool Your Kitchen

Cooking a hot meal during the blazing heat of summer is a curse. Call for help from your juniors and avoid the risks of cooking for yourself. Instead, serve yourself with some vegetable salads, smoothies or just boiled eggs. While this helps in keeping yourself nourished, it also keeps your home cooler, without the necessity of running your air-conditioner all day. Your kitchen maintains it’s cool only when the air doesn’t get stagnated. So, let the air move around all over the kitchen with a fan. EAT COOL.

#8. Weed off the Heat

Soak a small towel in cold water and wrap it around your neck, especially when you’re outdoors and can’t really get some air-conditioning. When you’re home, take a cool shower and sustain your body temperature. KEEP YOUR COOL.

#9. Turn on Air Conditioning

Did you know? Our body temperature usually drops during the night to promote good sleep and this might disrupt you. Turn on the air conditioning to get a good night’s rest. Opened windows with running fans can also do the same magic in much better ways than AC does it. So, make sure you stay cool from dawn to dusk, no matter what. TEMPER YOUR ROOM.

#10. Weigh Regularly

Learn the early signs of dehydration and keep an eye. Check your actual body weight and keep a track of it throughout the summer. If you notice any deviation, make sure to drink it back up to your original weight. STEP ON.

Wisely accommodate the salt losses with increased fluids and salt content and stay cool during the blazing summer. A sound advice is to stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day and avoid exposure to sun that may welcome unwanted risks.

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