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5 Ways to Save Rainwater at Home

Written by Team Urban Tree

Different people perceive rain differently. For an infant, it is just a toy falling from the sky, for kids it is a signal to go out and get dirty and for adults, rainwater is always considered as a blessing and disguise.

Even during the period of heavy rainfall, there’s a mixed emotion. There are people who are relieved, and there are people who hates rains as the traffic is jammed, roads are slushy and the electricity goes. 60% of people do not have the intention to save the rainwater, while 40% do. To all those 60%, it’s not too hard! Rainwater can be saved by simple steps followed at home! Here are a few ways.


The current housing trend is slowly moving towards apartments, and in such cases, having only one single rainwater reservoir system for the whole apartment is not the best way to approach. Instead, each floor of the apartment can have a separate reservoir of a compact size to save the rainwater during seasons. This will mentally encourage the people how much water is getting saved & how much they should be concerned about rainwater. Having a provision for this in the balcony of each floor is one of the easy ways to save rainwater. Depending upon the requirement of the people on each floor this water can be used and the excess can be pipelined to the other floors to people who need it.


In urban cities like Chennai, a family with 3 or 4 people prefers living in a rented home which normally has four floors. In such homes, the rainwater harvesting can be done with the scientific equipment like sensors. The sensor monitors each floor and tells us, how much water is being consumed on a daily basis. When this procedure is carried out; during the drought days, the sensor provisioned rainwater saving tank can provide water to each floor with respect to the data associated with it on how much water each floor needs. Thus, the remaining rainwater from the sensor provisioned harvesting tank can be transferred to a normal tank for emergency usage. This can give one the luxury of saving as much rainwater as the sensor’s rain saving water tank allows.


The consumption of water by the roof vegetation plants are fed by humans & the amount of water which is being used for this depends upon the type of vegetation. In such homes, a customized & moving rainwater harvesting block should be constructed with the provision of a water sprayer. Hence the rainwater which goes in vain gets collected in this, which can be used directly to feed the roof vegetation plants for a prolonged period of time. The size of this customized rainwater harvesting block varies according to the number of plants & the type of vegetation. Hence, the size of the block should be calculated & designed by an engineer.


        If one has the desire to drink water for free of cost for years, a one-time investment of building an underground rainwater reservoir system is the best solution. The Ferro cement tank is an economical option to go for. This tank should be coupled with two filters, one at input & the other one at the output. The input filter serves to eliminate the foreign particles such as stone, sand, etc., while the filter at output serves to bring the ppm level of rainwater to the level of drinking water. These filters should be changed for the time period between 6 months and 1 year depending on the quality of the filter which is being used.


People who have the luxury of owning an individual home can experiment this rainwater saving technique easily. The design of the rooftop can be modified in such a way that its surface is hollow from the middle. Hence, the amount of water which gets collected in the rooftop can be used for various household works like washing the utensils, bathing & for other personal requirements. If the rooftops are flat, the amount of water which is being flown on the roof gets wasted.


The only abundant resource which we get without any human effort is rain. Many people do not care about rainwater conservation, as they have a mindset that it is available for free. The reason why one should care about it is due to the heating up of earth, irregular monsoons & drought. Just because the rain is abundant, it does not mean that we can take it for granted. There are many places on the Earth that have water scarcity and they pray for a single drop of rainwater, it is a luxury for them! So let’s save it while we can, what if it’s too late. What if, the basic necessity becomes a luxury?!

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