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Security Tips To Protect Your Home When You’re Away

Keeping Your Home Secured
Written by Team Urban Tree

Double and triple-checking all the doors, windows and knobs before leaving your home in fear of burglary is the right thing to do and in-fact a mandate one, but, is that all is needed to protect your home? Keeping your home and belongings safe when you’re not at home requires a series of little things to do and doesn’t involve a lot of money. Remember, a thief needs just one thing to rob – A home that is easy to enter. Follow these simple tips and reduce the likelihood of your home from being robbed.

  1. Ensure your home looks occupied all the time. You can leave a pair of slippers outside and also some lights on.
  2. If not for yourself, get a dog at least for your home. Whatever be the breed, dogs are the primary deterrents that protect you and your home from private intruders. Okay, if you’re still not convinced of getting a dog, put up a ‘Beware of Dog’ signboard. It is said that thieves avoid homes with dogs.
  3. Keep your home open. Yes, do not provide hiding spaces for burglars with heavy trees and bushes. When you’re away from home, the open look will not invite thieves.
  4. Talk to your neighbours and get to know them well. When you’re away, they can be informed to be on the lookout for any unusual activity around your home.
  5. If your entrance has a letterbox attached, inform your neighbours and ask them to check and clear it every day. Accumulated letters leave burglars a sigh.
  6. Never hide a set of keys in obvious places outside your home when you’re leaving away for more than 2 days. Your regular activities might have been watched!
  7. Attach wooden or metal bars in the bottom of all the doors and windows such that it can’t be forced open from outside.
  8. Put your milk and newspaper delivery on hold until you return. This might look like a tiny and silly thing to worry about but in most robberies, this is the ultimate helper as many neglect its importance.
  9. Social media is not a place to announce people about your goings and comings. Stay tight-lipped about your travel plans online. Also, ensure to turn off your location services on Social Media apps.
  10. In the worst case scenario, note down serial numbers of all electronic devices in your home and photograph important documents, in case they’re stolen.
  11. As a default thing, get another pair of eyes which will look out for you and your home 24*7. Install Security Camera!
  12. Teach your children safety precautions and introduce safe people in your neighbourhood to approach in case of emergencies or help.
  13. Don’t let in any kind of workers like plumbers or electricians unless you know them well. Many thieves gain the first entry into your home as an invited guest.
  14. Cover all the windows and doors with curtains and blinds when you leave your home so that no one peeps in to know that you’re away.
  15. Look around your entire home with the eyes of a burglar. You’ll get to know the loopholes even better now.
  16. If you’re living in a rented house, it’s better you get a new set of lock and keys than using the one issued by the landlord. Because they might have copies of it and there are chances for it to be misused.
  17. Disconnect or turn down your doorbell. Many thieves would just ring the doorbell to check if someone answers and confirms your absence.
  18. Install timer lights that light up after a certain timing in the evening, giving your home a ‘living in’ look.
  19. Add shatterproof glasses to your windows, if you think they could be easily broken.
  20. Leave a battery-operated radio on and let it sound like someone is around.
  21. If there’s a perfect security system installed already, make sure the telephone and electric wires are not hanging outside in a way that is easily accessible by thieves. They might to cut those and disarm the entire alarm system.
  22. If you’re going to be away for a long time, ask one of your neighbours to park their vehicle now and then in your parking area.
  23. Most important thing! Put off your landline phones before you leave. If thieves happen to hear it without anyone picking it up, you’re giving them a clue.
  24. Cover your peephole at the entrance door. Burglars might see through it and confirm your absence.
  25. Use multiple locks on all the entry doors. Let all the entrance doors have two sets of locking devices which will eventually make the thief’s job harder than expected.

Implement all of these and that itself will give you the confidence to go wherever you want to without any fear for your home. If you’ve got more tips, please drop them in the comments section below.

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