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7 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Home Odour Free

Amazing Tricks to keep your home odour free
Written by Team Urban Tree

Odours rule our lives, right from the aroma of delicious food guiding our noses, to the sweet fragrance of flowers in the garden, it affects every aspect of our life. Pleasant fragrances can make or break our day and the biggest turn off for any person is the presence of bad odour at your home. The way your home smells is an excellent indicator of how clean your home is.

If you want your home to stay completely odour free you must follow these 7 simple tricks.

#1. Cleaning every nook and corner of every room

The routine weekly mopping will only clean on the surface level and clearly, this is not enough. Make it a habit to clean the corners of the kitchen, kitchen tops, and dining surfaces. Because these are places where usually scent tends to linger. Ensure that you use a cleanser which is slightly fragrant and eco-friendly.

Don’t ignore the sink, the trash can, the exhaust and the area behind the fridge as these are the regions that could collect moisture and stay damp for a long time. Besides that, you can not forget your bathroom, the floor tiles need to be cleaned and the sink must be drained periodically to ensure there is no stagnation of water.

#2. Inhale the fresh air and exhale the bad odours

The best way to induce circulation of fresh air in your home is to keep the windows and the doors open during the daytime. The first rays of the morning sun would not only kill the germs but will also evaporate the moisture trapped in your house. A house without outlets for ventilation will suffer from a damp and stagnant environment which builds up the air pollutants in your home. Airflow within your house is a must as this will ensure that bad odours don’t linger in your home for a long time.

#3. Growing shrubs for your cribs

Many are of the perception that indoor plants are just mere showpieces. However, this is just a misconception as these plants serve an important role as natural air filters. Plants such as ficus, spider plant, bamboo plants and Aloe Vera serve as excellent options for removing pollutants in your home. Aside from that it circulates fresh air and keeps your home completely odour free.

#4. Place scented candles strategically in your home

Scented candles are an excellent way to make your home smell sweet. But clever placement is necessary to increase efficiency. Place those candles in the least expected spaces or where your home décor needs it. You don’t have to necessarily light them. Try placing them in linen closets or in places where you keep your fabrics as they would be able to absorb the bad odour. Whenever you enter your home you will always get that pleasant smell as your clothes will absorb the scent of the candles. For best results, you can use these scented candles in small spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms. They will even act as accent lights and will make your room even more aromatic.

#5. Using DIY odour absorbers

Instead of spending from your pocket to purchase expensive odour absorbers, you can use common household items to make your own odour absorber. For furniture, upholstery and carpets you can just sprinkle some baking soda fifteen minutes prior to brushing. Baking soda is a potent odour absorber, just mix it with little essential oil and place it in open pots around your home to completely neutralise the smell. You can also place charcoal in a perforated container or pouch, charcoal absorbs the dampness and cures the moisture related odours. If the odour is too strong you can use vinegar instead of baking soda.

#6. Use simmer pots to trim down the odours

Shocked about the stink in your kitchen? Don’t worry, the quickest way to balance the odour equation in your home is by using simmer pots. You can combine a variety of herbs, fruits and spices in a saucepan and add a little bit of water. Let this get cooked and simmer. Due to the heat, the fragrance will fill up your kitchen in no time. Simmer pots can remove even pungent smell of your kitchen.

#7. Add dryer sheets and tea bags to your drawers

Drawers always generate a musty smell and this happens in most of the rooms. However, there is a simple solution to remove this stink, you can use dryer sheets in your drawers. You can periodically replace them and add some more fresh dryer sheets to your drawers. This will keep your wardrobe and your home décor smelling minty fresh. If you want a simpler but equally effective solution you can add fresh tea bags to your wardrobe closets and drawers. It will soak up the musty odour and give a fresh scent to your clothes. You can try this trick for your shoe racks and sock drawers as well.

Entering a fresh smelling home makes an impression for everyone. But you don’t always need to use a room freshener to remove the bad odours. Use these simple hacks to keep your home completely odour free.

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