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6 Sites that Solve the House Hunting Problems of Chennai for Rent

house hunting in chennai
Written by Team Urban Tree

The work culture has changed in such a way that one has to travel miles, day after day, to reach their place of work. Chennai is one of the many places, where people from all over the country come down to work because of the abundance of the opportunities available. Being away from home comes with an expense, and these people find it a difficult task to fight the perfect home which is both comfortable and affordable. Here are 6 sites that solve the problem for such house hunters

#1. OMR

OMR is home to many major IT parks where companies employ people in thousands. And if one is employed in this techno zone, opting a rented house around OMR is a great option. OMR is surrounded by housing zones and is full of people working in the IT companies nearby. This makes the commuting distance easy and the apartments are made seeing the average salaries of the people working there. And unlike other places within the city, OMR has easy availability of people allowing bachelors to stay on rent.


Porur is a good mix of a Residential and a Commercial area. This gives Porur the popularity which is shown in the demand for residential apartments in the area. Porur is surrounded by hospitals, schools, supermarkets, major bus stops, railway station, and all the necessary amenities. This is one of the reasons why people belong to all ages prefer this suburb over many others. The very popular DLF IT park with hundreds of companies and other companies like L&T have their huge corporate offices situated in the area, and to meet their needs, there are a good number of apartments available for rent


In the last few years, Siruseri has grown to be an IT powerhouse. It now holds SIPCOT, South India’s largest IT park that is spread over 1000 acres. With increasing employment opportunities, the demand for residential projects also grew immensely. Siruseri has both luxury homes as well as compact homes, to meet the needs of every class of employer living there. Siruseri is known to be an area preferred by NRIs working in the city. Though a little away from the main city, Siruseri is well connected with all the necessary modes of transportation


Thiruvanmiyur conveniently lies between the heart of the city and from the point where the outskirts begin. This was a predominantly residential area for years until IT happened. Chennai’s first-ever space dedicated to IT, The Tidel Park, was constructed here. This not only increased the demand for more residential homes but also attracted the need for more commercial spaces. One of the main bus terminus in Chennai is situated here, which not only connects the place with the city but also with other nearby cities. Thiruvanmiyur is one of the few places where lush greenery still prevails in the streets. This is an added advantage to the house hunters who are looking for a more eco-friendly set-up. The streets are broad, clean and breathable, and the area is full of all the necessities one might ever need. This area can solve the house-hunting problem for good.


Ambattur is the small-scale industrial hub of Chennai. Ambattur is known for houses with low rentals and hence is a good attraction for people who have just started their career and college students looking for a place to rent. To stop this, many engineering colleges are either situated around Ambattur or easily accessible from Ambattur. The Ambattur Industrial Estate is situated here which is South Asia’s biggest small scale industrial hub. So it easily attracts employees which in turn increases the demand for residential areas.


Anna Nagar is a very popular, iconic and a prime residential location in Chennai. It is the perfect destination for peace and luxury-loving people. People flock in Anna Nagar because of the type establishment it’s filled with. Popular Schools, colleges, religious places, shopping malls, hospitals, and small markets are what makes Anna Nagar one of the costliest neighbourhoods in Chennai. Anna Nagar is known throughout the city for its landmark Anna Arch and the Anna Nagar Tower.

The process of house hunting in Chennai is both easy and tedious. This depends upon the ability of the person to narrow down the perfect locality. There may be many houses available in a particular area but hinders the daily commuting, there may be houses very near to the place of work, but the rent may be very out of budget. So one should know what exactly he is looking in a house before buying one, and the above-mentioned areas have been a proven solution for many people by helping them solve the house-hunting problem. What are the major difficulties you face while looking for a house?

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