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Smart Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Written by Team Urban Tree

The warm sunny days are already here and while giving us a lot of light it is also giving us headaches, the need to use AC 24*7 and dull moods. Rather than not getting out during the days you can opt for simple and low cost methods that can keep you cool. Summers generally tend to keep you worried about your health and skin. But, there are smarter tips that you can follow to the fight the scorching heat and stay fit! Given below are 7 ways that would help you beat the summer heat.

#1. Keep the sun out

When at home keep the curtains and blinds drawn. Opt for curtains which would deflect the rays of sunlight on the window side. It would be pretty cool in the morning, but keep the curtains closed before leaving for work or anywhere else. If you don’t, by the time you come home in the noon, your home would be a hot oven which would come crashing on you.

#2. And the windows open

Optimize the windows that you have made at your home. You might not need the air conditioner all the time if you keep your windows open. It would also help in saving a little from your electric bills. To get cool warm breeze you can wet a cloth and hang it on the window railings. It would help the cool air flow into your house. Keep the windows closed when the sun is coming in and open them in the evenings to welcome the warm breeze.

#3. Depend more on fans

A table fan when faced out in the night than in would keep your room cooler and give you a comfortable sleep. During summers you can run your ceiling fan in the counterclockwise direction for optimum cooling. There are a lot of handy fans that you depend on to keep yourself cool. Carry one such fan in your bag to protect yourself from the heat. It is useful when you are travelling in an auto or waiting for your cab.

#4. Get your AC checked

Air conditioner is a necessity in Chennai, especially with its climate and power cuts. Just having one is also not enough. Regularly get it maintained and checked for leaks and the filters. During the month of summer it would require more maintenance. In case you don’t have an AC at home, you can create one. All you need is a table fan and a bowl of ice. Place the bowl in front of the table fan and enjoy it’s cool breeze. This is more like a makeshift AC that would keep the temperature of the room cool.

#5. Drink a lot of water

Keeping yourself hydrated is the most important thing to do in the summers, especially when you want to keep yourself free from diseases. Make it a point to drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day to replace the moisture you lose. Try to avoid alcohol as much as possible as it tends to cause dehydration. You can always prefer a smoothie as it would keep your body cool.

#6. Take repeated showers            

To keep your body temperature down, other than drinking water, you can take frequent showers. It would also wash away the dust and perspiration. In case you sweat a lot, it’s good to have frequent showers else it would bring about a pungent smell from you. Bathing would also help in clearing minds and be keeping you fresh.

#7. Dress the right way

Choose your clothes for the summer wisely. Look out for fabrics that would keep your body comfortable and chilled in the hot climate. Cotton clothes are a great choice especially when they are thin and loose. Avoid wearing black in the sun as much as possible and bid farewell to those heavy jeans and synthetic clothes to keep away from sweat and irritation. So opt for light colored clothes and dress comfortably as they would let your skin breathe as well.

#8. Eat light

When it comes to food choose lighter options like salad, sandwiches, yogurt-based food and sprouts. Avoid having heavy and fried meals as it takes longer to get digested and slows down the cooling process. Include fruits which are rich in water content like watermelon, grapes, pineapple, and muskmelon in your diet. Also, remember to avoid caffeine as much as you can and opt for cool healthy drinks.

It’s time you don’t let the temperature get you down. Follow these smart ideas to save yourself from the blazing summer heat and your increasing electricity bill. Also, if you have better ideas, let us know about them in the comment section below.

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