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Tips To Find A House For Rent In Chennai

Written by Team Urban Tree

Housing demands in Chennai are sky-rocketing with the increase in the number of persons migrating over here due to new jobs, education and business purposes. The IT Sector has provided an immense boost to the real estate market in Chennai which continues to grow without fluctuation. Buying an apartment or a house is comparatively easier in Chennai considering the numerous options it has for every budget. But working professionals and people who arrive at Chennai and are not sure about the duration of their stay usually prefers to rent an apartment. Chennai offers a wide variety of houses over various budgets and configuration for renting and it is highly possible to get overwhelmed with choices. Here are some tips and factors that should be considered if you are on the lookout for renting a house.

1. Determine your Budget

When a pre-determined budget is set, it becomes easier to choose a house for rent. Chennai offers houses and apartment to rent across a lot of budgets and there would not be limited options in any given budget. If there is no clarity about your budget, it becomes certainly confusing and house owners and brokers might try to take advantage of your uncertainties.  Having a clear budget will also ensure better and efficient communication between you and the land lord.


2. Know your Preferred Configuration

Although any given budget would have every possible configuration, it is quite sensible to understand your needs and know which configuration you would need. Common apartment configurations are 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK. Although 3 BHKs are classified as luxury apartments, you might have to choose it if your family is large. If you are an individual who is going to be staying alone, a 1BHK would be perfect. Know your needs and weigh out the options and arrive at an informed decision.


3. Find Out About the Area

Before choosing a house for rent, it is extremely important that you get to know a lot about the area where it is situated. Know if the area is well connected with public transportation facilities. Also, ask around if the area receives adequate water supply. Water resources are becoming scarce since the population is increasing exponentially. If the area doesn’t receive enough water supplies, explore other areas!


4. Check for Any Faults

While checking out a prospective house, always have a keen eye to see if the house will need any repairs. In case of any repairs that need to be done, ask if the land lord would carry the cost of repairing or at least share half of the bill. Even though it is not a written law, it is a good gesture if the land lord provides you with tube lights, fans and some chairs. Also, check the faucets for any leak and ensure that all power sockets work in perfect condition. Make a note of what has to be done and understand if the damages can be repaired. If it cannot be repaired, search for someplace elsewhere!


5. Contract

Many house owners would insist on signing a contract with the tenant which is a wise and sensible thing to do. If you are trying to rent the place, take extreme caution and read carefully as to what is written on the contract. Try to find out if the contract has any hidden clauses or agenda. If the apartment is leased out to you over a period of time, understand the terms of the lease and examine as to how much you would need to pay. Take note of when the lease ends and the payment conditions.


Renting a house will become easier if proper care is ensured to follow the above mentioned steps. Also, be very cautious of greedy brokers who may try to trick you into an unfair deal or charge high rent charges. If you are from another city and trying to find a place to rent in Chennai, it is advised that you seek guidance from any of your friends or relatives living over here. If there is no one that you know at Chennai, you can avail the help of renting mobile apps which will enable you to talk directly with the landlord without any middle man.

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