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The Art Of Decoration From The Past

Investment sector has seen a positive trend in the past few months due to various reasons and this in turn has increased the number of top builders promoting ultra luxury apartments which are in demand in cities like Chennai. The change in style of homes being built has brought a change about in the trends in construction business and many traditional designs in have become obsolete.

One such design which used to be seen a lot in olden days but is avoided now is a niche in the wall. In the olden days, a niche used to be a small space where people used to keep lamps or small decorative things for making a home look pleasant. These niches were also used for keeping other household items for utility’s sake. Practically such niches are not advisable in the exterior walls which are thin and the bathrooms where there will be chance for water deposit and difficulty in cleaning. Niches are very simple to be built when constructing a house. In internal walls, simply leave an opening in the wall, finish one side with chicken mesh plaster or the masonry that goes with the composite wall. Niches are usually used for avoiding spaces on shelves and other external objects for the holding small household items.

A niche is a beautiful and useful space in the wall which can either have an arc on the top or painted differently to get a different look. Niches are traditionally 6 inches deep and two feet tall however this can differ according to the preferences of the builder. Instead of two or three small niches, one big niche can be built with little subdivision so that many layers can be utilised. This subdivision can be made using bricks and wooden racks which will give the niche a better appeal. Nowadays people have many costlier alternatives like shelves and wall holdings for the niches but should consider having a niche in their home which will not only look beautiful but also prove cost effective while conserving space.

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