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The Urban Chennai Bloggers Meetup!

Written by Team Urban Tree

Saturday the 11th of July was a very important day for us, as you all would have known by now. Urban Tree organized the first of its kind bloggers meetup in Chennai, the Urban Chennai Bloggers Meetup in hosted by echoVME Digital Marketing Training & Services, Chennai. A long time in the offing, we meticulously planned the event and invited the top bloggers from Chennai to be a part of this event! Held at the Beverly Hotel in Kilpauk, the event began at 3.30pm from where our esteemed bloggers were given so much to look forward to! There were fun, games, networking and high tea to finish it off!

Click & Pose!

Upon entering, the bloggers were first asked to pose at the photobooth with creative placards like “I love blogging”, “follow my blog” and “follow me on Twitter”. We have some crazy and memorable photos to look at, take a look here:


Rapid Fire Round!

To set off the mood, the blogging community was invited to a Rapid Fire round with questions on namma Chennai! But this one had a twist! You see, once every guest registered for the event, their names were written on a chit and passed to a lucky draw bowl. And so, chits won the day. The bloggers’ names were written on chits which were picked in random and questions were fired at them!

The scene on the live Tweet wall was different though. We got to see the reactions and appreciations and check-ins on the wall where our guests tweeted with “#UrbanChennai”. “Chips would be better than chits”, was one such tweet. But at Urban Tree Bloggers Meet, Winners of the round who got the answers right walked away with a pen drive as an award!

Welcome Speech by Sorav Jain!

After the warm-up, the gathering was welcomed by Thinker-In-Chief of echoVME, Sorav Jain. Mr.Jain stressed on the importance of blogging and how important it is for bloggers to network amongst themselves and thanked Urban Tree for this opportunity. He explained that it is not every day that bloggers come together or have a meet of this kind and said that meetups like these must happen often in Chennai!


Stand-up by Shyam!

“Pa I want a Apple MAC pa”

“Why should I get you da?”

“It’s the best pa! Rahul’s dad has gotten it for him pa!”

“Then you ask Rahul’s dad why don’t you?”

Shyam Ranganathan, a young and up-coming stand-up comedian who is famous in the Southern region of India for being a part of “Enna da Rascalas” theatre group (We are South of India viral vide) quite possibly stole the show. He had the guests in splits in a matter of minutes and his performance included light-hearted jabs at Chennai, our parents’ need for engineer sons and daughters and even Chetan Bhagat.



Still hung over from Shyaam’s stand-up, Tambola promised much more fun. A desi version of House, Tambola meant knowing every answer possible for the questions fired. Questions on Urban Tree and Chennai were fired and the guests had a field time trying to rope in their fellow blogger friends to answer them!


Team Event!

The bloggers were segregated into four teams specifically Team Oxygen, Team Superb, Team Infinity and Team WOW. Bloggers were excited to know what held in store for them and not even an iota of the fun factor had dipped. The first team event was to know more about each other and so, bloggers were asked to tag their team members in their tweet. They did not waste any time and started enquiring about each other. This paved the way for the bloggers to know about each other to a larger extent.

After getting to know more about each other, the competition needed some heavy, quick and fast-paced action and so, the teams were given 10 minutes to come up with advertisements for their respective teams. As soon as the teams received their products, team members started ideating vigorously and racked their brains to no limit. The teams came up with funny and humorous ads and after a hard and fierce battle; team Oxygen won fair and square by cleverly incorporating Oxygen’s properties in their advertisement!


Special About Urban Tree?

Starting with his love and association with The Beverly Hotel, Mr.Abhinay Mehta, director of Urban Tree shed some light about what’s special about Urban Tree. He shared the USPs which were are:

  1. Luxury Houses at Affordable Prices
  2. We have in-house engineers so that quality is not compromised.
  3. Transparency is ensured so that buyers are satisfied.
  4. If there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to fear.
  5. We pay, if we delay.

He then proceeded to talk about the importance of building green homes and being more eco-conscious. Urban Tree Properties are the first in the affordable pricing segment to possess a green building.

The IGBC has certified Urban Tree Oxygen as a green building and the homes makes use of low VOC paints and other eco-sensitive building materials. Ecolife, Urban Tree’s green building initiative of designing homes in accordance with the principles prescribed by the Indian Green Building Council offers residents homes enriched with fresh air and sunlight which and takes effective measures to lessen the carbon footprint.

Mr.Mehta explained the principles of a green building which are effective waste management, water efficiency, energy efficiency, material efficiency and indoor environmental quality.  A green home provides upto 18-20% energy savings, 20-25% of water savings, enhanced air quality, excellent daylight and health & well-being of the occupants!

The presentation was followed with a round of questions to Mr. Abhinay and many doubts and questions of the bloggers were resolved.


Awards & Felicitation!

We moved on to the most anticipated event of the evening , the Urban Chennai awards. Three best bloggers and two best blogs were awarded on the basis of credibility, blog design, quality of content, popularity of blog, popularity of blogger, how beneficial the blog is and SEO factors like page rank, domain authority, page authority, alexa rank and backlinks. After much scrutiny, the winners were decided as:

Contest galore!

To spice things up, 2 twitter contests were held. 2 questions were rolled out and bloggers were asked to tweet to it and the best tweet stood a chance to win attractive and extraordinary gift vouchers.

The first question was, “My idea of a Dream Home?”

The best tweet went to Sindhu for her winning tweet, “My idea of a dream home is where I can have a studio for my blog”

The second question was, “What is #UrbanChennai all about according to you?”

The winner of this round was Shreya for her tweet, “Urban Chennai is all about construction warm houses in a Hot Chennai” and Rama Venugopal for her tweet “#UrbanChennai is all about giving shelter to urban chennaites!”

And we did felicitate and recognize the most active tweeters throughout the event, Sarath Babu and Sathya Narayanan!

High Tea, Celebration & Networking!

After the customary groupfie, there was a sense of rejuvenation and reignited passion in the air. That was because we had got to the Food part of the event! Tasty vada pavs, samosas, veg. rolls, carrot halwa, coffee and tea were served whilst the bloggers networked and appreciated each other’s works for quite some time. It was indeed quite a sight 🙂


Urban Chennai Bloggers Meet was by all aspects a great success and bloggers took the time to appreciate Urban Tree Homes (sponsors) and echoVME (organizers). But didn’t someone say that all good things must come to an end? Unfortunately, the bloggers meet too had to come to an end and the participants left the meet with heavy hearts but with hope and a promise of bigger and better things to come!

Stay tuned and watch this space for more 🙂

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