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The Glass Buildings of Today!

Written by Team Urban Tree

Glass facades, windows and panels have become a fast moving trend nowadays and many luxury flats in Chennai are also catching up on this concept. Glass facades make building look classy and sophisticated. However, there are many drawbacks to such building as well.

One of the main drawbacks is that glass facades absorb heat easily and also retain it. In a hot city like Chennai, such a conditional is not advisable as the heat will increase the need for air-conditioning and in turn increase usage of electricity. On the other hand, minimal usage of glass windows may help to have a natural supply light which in turn will reduce usage of lights and save power. Cleaning of such glass facades which are nowadays found in many commercial structures can be a tedious and risky job.

Many glasses which are used in creating facades or windows are toughened and tinted glasses which mostly are non-recyclable glasses. Even though there are many glasses available in the market which claim to be recyclable, there is not many glass recycling plants available in our country. Another major drawback of such buildings is that they lack safety procedures. Many buildings having glass facades and windows are said to be the ones with more fire accidents due to the lack of proper safety facility. There are many glass buildings in other countries also but the safety measures there are better there when compared to the buildings here.

One must understand that glass facades no doubt make a building look elegant and rich but practically it is not suited for performance in a country like ours due to the climate and other reasons. People could instead try opting for the best available traditional or other alternative methods which will suit our country’s climate better.

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