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Things Do While Booking A Flat

Flats and luxury homes are being promoted on a large scale by builders in Chennai nowadays. The increased investment in Chennai by builders is mainly due to the availability of more scope. People in Chennai are willing to invest in flats and luxury homes as they know that there is a good future for such investments. But, an investment in a flat or a luxury home is by no means a small deal. Many points are to be noted and taken into consideration while buying an apartment. These range from legal details to fixtures and amenities. Given below are few such important pointers to be considered while booking a flat in a metropolitan city like Chennai.

  1. Verifying if the legal procedures of the proceedings are correct. First in legal verification is the Title Deed. It is very important while buying a flat or a luxury home to know about the proper ownership of the land and this is exactly what the Title deed does. Title deed gives details of ownership of the land, legal obligations in the land if any etc. A person buying a flat or a luxury apartment in Chennai should definitely make sure that first they verify the title deed of the place.
  2. The certificate of commencement of the project is the next document to be verified before booking a flat or a luxury apartment. This specifies as to when the project is to begin and the legal permissions for the project are also specified.
  3. Verification of the plan’s approval is also important when buying a flat or a luxury home. The project must be according to the National Building Code of India and the builder must be a part of CREDAI.
  4. Having a thorough look at the master plan of the project which nowadays is provided by most of the builders in Chennai. This master plan gives the layout and plan of the flats and luxury homes.
  5. Check if there are no other legal issues with the land or the builder and if the other facilities like water and electricity are properly available.

The buyers can also take up expert opinions from various consultancies in the city and get a clear picture of the legal concerns before booking a flat or a luxury home in Chennai.

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