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Things to Know Before Joining a Gym

Written by Team Urban Tree


Joining the gym, working out, reducing weight, gaining weight, staying fit and staying healthy are all few words that might seem to be changing your lives forever. Joining a gym is not only a financial commitment but an investment of your precious time as well. So, better be cautious before you think of choosing the one. Don’t take the first offer without shopping around for the best ones. Choose the ideal place where your money will be valued. Here are some points that one should probably be checking out before enrolling themselves in a gym.

#1 Are the trainers efficient?

Most of the gyms offer a personal trainer and if not, people themselves ask for one, as personal trainers are meant to boost the confidence levels while they take special care of you. But, before you’re assigned one, enquire for their specializations and expert level in the field. Ensure you get to learn such knowledge before-hand. You may have subscribed for a long term package, but if the trainers are inefficient, it’s not going to be of any worth.

#2 How is the proximity?

You should never compromise on the location factor, because if your gym is going to take you a long time to reach, then you will soon lose the energy and the excitement. See to that, it is either close to your home or your work place such that you can reach it quickly either by walking or cycling or driving in less than 10 minutes.

#3 Do they have a trial class?

Yes, enquire for a gym that has a trial session before you enrol as a member. Never take such life changing decisions if you’re unsure about how it would help you. So, it is better that you test your gym, know if it can make you feel more confident than your previous self.

#4 How long are they in the field?

Yes, it is equally essential as other factors.Research upon their credibility both online and offline and look for testimonials. This might help you get some extra boost towards your joining. Visit the gym twice or thrice during their peak time before you join and see if they’re too crowded. Because, a jam packed gym will never be able to give ears to all your needs.

#5 Will you have to wait for the machine?

Many people tend to forget or ignore this while joining considering they will be given one after they join, which is not the case with most of the gyms. Especially, when you have only 1 or 2 hours to work out and 20 minutes of it gets wasted in standing in a queue for machines, then you’re ultimately wasting your time and money. If a gym mentions you a waiting list for a machine, then it is either an over-crowded gym or an under-equipped gym.

#6 Is the gym clean and maintained well on a daily basis?

You should not skip this check box as you’ll be working with machines and the floor, which in turn needs to be maintained in a hygienic way. Ensure that they provide hand sanitizers and equipment cleaners. Be picky about the cleanliness and just peep into the shower rooms and change rooms, even if you’re not going to use them.

Listed above are some basic things that one shouldn’t miss or skip before joining a gym. Apart from these, keep a check on the add-on features that a gym offers, like swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness sessions, juice bars etc. Also, look in for some offers like free personal training or a few free months during the course or some special discounts when you refer a friend, before signing in. Make sure your gym has everything you want to enjoy with while you work out every muscle in your body. Joining a gym is a big and serious commitment for everybody, so make every penny you spend worth it.

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