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Things That Make You Love and Hate Siblings

Sibling Relationships
Written by Team Urban Tree

Sibling rivalry is a universal phenomenon and it involves a complex love-hate relationship. It’s usually harmless, albeit in rare cases when things may take an ugly turn and lead to abuse or hurt. Sibling rivalry is nature’s way to prepare children to face the challenges that they may experience in their adult life. It involves a wide spectrum of human emotions and actions such as arguing and fighting with your sibling and loving and caring for them. Let’s take a look at some of the most common things that make you love and hate siblings.

5 Things That Make You Hate Your Sibling

#1. When they get more attention and love:

The young ones naturally get more attention and love from their parents. This is often a major cause for sibling rivalry. You envy everything that your sibling has; especially the things that you feel are better than yours.

#2. Falsely accuse you of wrongdoing:

Your sibling might accuse you of something you haven’t done. Some people are born with a natural instinct to protect themselves by putting the blame on others. Your parents won’t believe your version of the story if your sibling plays innocent.

#3. Act bossy or abusive:

Your elder sister or brother may act as if they know everything and keep lecturing you about stuff. And if you aren’t able to understand or follow their instructions, they may laugh at you, rebuke you or call you names.

#4. When they reveal your secrets:  

You thought you had a sibling you can trust, but they spill the beans to your parents, friends or to other people. This can be hugely embarrassing and you might also get reprimanded by your parents.

#5. When you receive all the scolding after a fight:

When your parents notice a fight between you two, you expect them to be fair and unbiased. However, you are shocked when parents ignore your sibling and you end up receiving all the harsh words and lecturing.

5 Things That Make You Love Your Sibling 

#1. Your partner in crime:

You love your sibling when they agree to be a part of your secret plans and hush-hush dealings. There are clandestine projects and adventures that you just can’t hope to complete without the unconditional support of your sibling.

#2. A constant companion and friend:

The world and its people may change, but your sibling continues to support you in everything you do. People may criticize your plans or actions, but your sibling is always there by your side to help and support you.

#3. They bail you out when you mess up:

Your elder sibling acts as your godfather and is always ready to bail you out when you get into trouble. You feel free to experiment, take chances, and live life the way you want, as you know that your sibling will rescue you if you mess up.

#4. When they tell you how stuff works:

You have plenty of questions zooming around in your mind and your sibling acts as the most reliable source to get all the answers. You feel privileged and excited when your sibling tells you all the secrets of this world.

#5. Home is never a boring place:

Things can get boring at home if you are alone, but when you have a sibling, there are limitless opportunities to be explored. You can spend quality time with your sibling and engage in a wide variety of activities such as games, crafts, gardening, etc.

Sibling rivalry is at its peak during childhood and teenage years. However, as children reach adulthood and become mature, they start to realize that it was all a part of growing up and a useful learning process. This is when the negative memories start to fade, leaving behind only the positive ones for you to cherish and treasure for a lifetime.

So, how would you describe your interactions with your sibling? Let us know if you have had any unique experiences and stories about your sibling that you would want to share.

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