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Things Only Single Child Will Understand

Things That A Single Child Does
Written by Team Urban Tree

Being the single child in the family can come with a wide variety of perks and benefits. The opposite is also true, as certain situations may be disadvantageous or challenging. A single child has to deal with various preconceived notions as well, which people generally have about them. Whether they are at school, college or workplace, a single child may come across conversations and behaviour that may be unreasonable.

Here are some of the things only a single child will understand.

#1. Limitless love and affection:

As a single child in the family, you are showered with unbounded love and affection. There are no siblings, so there’s no division of love from your parents. You are considered a special gift and you get all the attention you need in the family. You are the centre of attraction and the world revolves around you.

#2. Your wish is their command:

Everything you want is delivered to you without any questions asked. Toys, gadgets, dresses, and most other things are just waiting for your command. On rare occasions when there may be opposition to your demands, you just have to display your sulky behaviour to get things moving in the right direction.

#3. No need to share stuff:

Siblings often have to share their things with each other, something that may create conflict. However, as a single child, you enjoy complete ownership of the things you have. Your favourite toys, games, and everything else in your room belongs to you and there’s no one else who may want to take them away from you.

#4. Your birthdays are grand celebrations:

Your parents make every effort to celebrate your birthday in the grandest manner possible. You are the primary reason for their joy and happiness in life and your birthday is a great way to celebrate that sentiment. You eagerly wait for the grand event, when you get the chance to feel cherished and treasured.

#5. No peer pressure:

No expectations are set for you, as there is no one else in the family you can be compared with. Cousins and other relatives may be there, but most parents love their single child so much that they will hardly have anything to complain. Also, you are not expected to be a role model, as there is no one else in the family to follow in your footsteps.

#6. No bullying:

Bullying comes naturally among siblings, but as a single child, you don’t have to experience such unwelcome things. It’s good for your future as an adult, as it helps avoid situations that may bruise your self-esteem and dent your confidence.

#7. Live like a free bird:

Your parents are unlikely to object to your career choices, what you want to do in life or the place where you want to be. You have the freedom to take your own decisions and your parents will be willing to support you morally as well as financially. Funds are never a problem, as you are the only kid in the family. You can choose to do what you want and excel in it.  Many famed people in the world are single children, who are known for their unparalleled talent and flair in their chosen domain.

#8. Home gets lonely at times:

Your parents can get you all the toys and games you want, but what good it is when there’s no one else you can play with. Your parents give you love, affection and attention, but that doesn’t cure the loneliness you experience from time to time. It gets worse when your parents go out for some event or meeting.

#9. You don’t like to share things:

As a single child, you never had to share stuff with anyone. This develops as a habit and may continue to affect your behaviour throughout your life. In school, college, and in your adult life, you may find it difficult to share things with other people. Sometimes, this may create conflict and you may have to face some unwelcome comments.

#10. You can understand people better:

Single children spend a lot of time alone, which allows them to develop the power of observation. As a single child, you can understand people better. You can predict what they may be thinking or whether they have good or bad intentions. This can be useful if you choose a career where you are required to manage people. It also helps you choose the right friends and life partner.

#11. You love your privacy:

You never had to share your space with anyone else, something that you have become habituated to. You love your privacy and are unwilling to make compromises with it. Even when you have friends, you like to have your own space and guard your privacy. You don’t like it when someone just walks in unannounced.

#12. There’s no one else to blame:

You can’t make a scapegoat of anyone, as you are the only child in the family. You can get away with most things when you mess up, but you cannot have the opportunity to vent your anger and frustrations on someone else.

#13. You are praised for every achievement:

You get praise for all your achievements in your academics and extracurricular activities. If you have won some medals and trophies, they are displayed at a prominent place in the house. You might have liked it as a child, but as you grow up, it may all seem like overkill.

#14. You are the only support system for your parents:

As an adult, you might worry about the prospect of your parents being alone in your absence. Who would take care of them and how will they manage things when they are old. You wish you had siblings, who could support your parents in your absence.

Contrary to popular societal perceptions, things seem to be equally balanced for a single child. It can’t be said that they are especially lucky or privileged, as there are many things that they can never have. Essentially, it’s just a play of perceptions where a single child is considered a special gift, even though their lives and experiences may be a mixed bag, just like everyone else.

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