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Things That Only a Dog Owner Would Relate To

Written by Team Urban Tree

Dogs are kind, cute, sweet, playful, they make us happy, they teach us gratitude, make the surrounding lively and are your best friends. Agree? Well, you will add more to these if you’re dog owner. They’re naughty, naggy, cheesy, cringy, intolerable and yet you can’t do without them even for a day and we completely get that feel. So here are 10 GIFs that every dog owner would relate to his/her dog.

#1. When you burst crackers during Diwali:Burst Crackers

#2. When you’re searching for him for a long time:Dog Is Hiding

#3. When he’s your alarm clock and you try to snooze him down:

#4. When he has got nothing to play with, he admires himself:

#5. When he’s hungry and his food is out of reach:Dog Is Hungry

#6. When you’ve visitors at home and you own a Pug:

#7. When he’s pissed off and you wanted him to play:

#8. When you own a dog that has got some music sense:

#9. When you pet someone else’s dog:

#10. When your dog hasn’t slept for 2 days:

They say, ‘Dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself’. How true, right? The love of a dog is unconditional and is irrespective of how you look and how much you earn, all that it needs is your care and affection. Share this if you’re proud of owning a dog.

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