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10 Things That Usually Gets Misplaced In Our Homes And How To Recover Them With Ease

Most commonly misplaced item in your house
Written by Team Urban Tree

We have all come across the situations where we lose something which was precious and we spend hours frantically searching for it. That’s the curse of being forgetful. And that’s not all, every day we misplace items and more importantly, we spend a lot of time searching for them. The time we spend on searching for all these items could be used for more productive purposes. A recent study conducted by “Pixie” a location app for iPhones has shed some interesting insights on the things that we misplace in our homes the mos

#1. Socks

One of the most commonly misplaced items in our homes. Every office goer has experienced this in the morning when they are rushing to their work. The hardest part is losing just one from the pair of socks, which makes it even more difficult to recover the lost one. Another common way of losing the socks is when you give it for washing in the laundromat. Recovering our lost socks gives us immense happiness.

Pro-tip: Next time you are missing socks, please double check your washing machine. Majority of the lost socks are found in the bottom compartment of the washing machine.

#2. Nail clippers/cutters

How often have you asked your room-mate/your parents for extra nail clippers? I’m sure the answer is the endless number of times; this is because nail clippers are one of the items that we often misplace and very rarely find them back. You won’t realize that they are lost until a month goes by when you discover them while you are cleaning your room.

Pro-tip: Always place your nail-clipper along with your toiletries, in this way you will not tend to lose it in the rest of your home. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have an additional one.

#3. Headphones/earphones

Ever had that mini-heart attack when you realise your headphones are lost? I’m sure you will understand that feeling, as there is nothing worse than that. They have become such an indispensable part of our lives. Loss of earphones is rarely due to breakage, mostly they just tend to disappear after a while.

Pro-tip: Your headphones are safer in your bag than your pockets as they have a tendency to slip and fall out unknowingly. Also, it will lessen the tangling of the wires of your headphone.

#4. Mobile phone

We just can’t live our lives without our mobile phones. They have become part and parcel of our lives. Since cell phones serve so many different functions, we totally freak out when we don’t feel the presence of our mobile in our pocket. We lose it in very random places such as the couch cushions, under our bed mattresses, or simply in the restroom of a restaurant. Most often we lose our minds when we lose our mobile phones.

Pro-tip: If you are wearing a loose set of formal pants, it’s better to keep your mobile phone in the shirt pocket rather than your pant pocket. Never keep your phone on silent mode as it would be difficult to locate. In case you have lost your mobile, please block your sim card as soon as possible.

#5. Credit cards

Losing your credit card can cause even a worse hangover than an alcohol-fuelled party, you start panicking and will lose your sanity immediately. You search for them in every possible place, including the ATM vestibule. In that panic situation, you will search everywhere before finally getting exhausted and deciding to call the bank and block it.

Pro-tip: Never keep your credit cards inside your wallet, always keep them aside in a separate wallet. Invest in a handy credit card holder which you can carry with ease anywhere.

#6. Keys

How many times have you gone to work late? After endlessly searching for your car keys. Keys are definitely one of the most lost items in a house and what is worse is that they get lost mysteriously. Keys get lost easily due to the size factor, as per studies we are more likely to lose our car keys than our house keys.

Pro-tip: Keep a designated key-stand for all the keys of your home and segregate it based on the usage.

#7. Driver’s license

Of course, I’m sure that everyone has lost their driver’s license once in their lifetime. That feeling of impending doom rings in your head when you know that you no longer carry your driver’s license. You start building up possible excuses that you can give the traffic police.

Pro-tip: Always create a duplicate copy of your license, this would be helpful if you lose your original license. Also please don’t keep your license inside your wallet.

#8. Wallets & purses

The moment you don’t feel your wallet in your pocket, alarm bells start to ring in your head. Either you’ve lost your wallet or worse it could have been stolen. You know you are going to go through a lot of stress and panic starts to creep into your brain.

Pro-tip: The smaller the wallet, the more chances of it getting lost. Keep a designated place for keeping your wallet at home.


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