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Things to Note before lending your home for shoots

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Written by Team Urban Tree

Do you remember the famous houses that used to appear in different Tamil serials nearly 12 to 15 years back? You remember any one of them?

Those days the option to lend your home for a serial or movie shoot was very minimal and only a few houses would be seen frequently in the movies and serials.  But now, the entire scenario has changed. There are web series, advertisements, serials, movies, short films, songs and photography that are being shot in different settings within the city. The demand for renting is high these days, and anyone can lend their house for these shoots. Movie makers and producers are looking for houses that are spacious and scenic.

Even though one might be excited to lend their house to be shown on the screen, there are certain boxes that need to be checked before you rent or lease your home for a shoot.

#1. The Freshness of the House

To increase the demand for your house you would have to invest in certain maintenances, and painting is on the top of the list. It is a common factor that the production team would be looking into. You can speed some extra amount in painting with waterproof paint so that you need not focus on it later.

It is also time you started maintaining your facade and your garden. A beautiful facade and a well-kept garden could fetch you a great return. Also, there are a few interior ideas that you should be looking at. Elegant and neat interiors could be value addition. If you are planning to rent out a part of your home for the shoot then it is prudent to place all your personal belongings in safety. It is also necessary to keep a separate space for you that cannot be accessible to the film crew.

#2. Find out the Market Value of your House

Each house has a different renting value depending on various factors. Location is important in identifying what value your home could hold. The more prominent the location is the higher the market rate of the property is.

The other factor that determines the value of the house is the demand that it creates in a particular niche in the market. It is a very simple concept, the higher the demand the higher the amount a production would be ready to offer to you. One important person with whom you have to be in constant contact would be the local broker. You could verify with the local broker about the current value your property holds in the market.

#3. Get Legal Assistance

The first thing you need to do after you finally get everything else ready is to lawyer up. There are possibilities of issues surrounding property loss & damage or the delay in rent payment. The shooting spot is going to be filled with heavy pieces of equipment and a large crowd. It is necessary to identify the limits for the usage of the property and put it down in a legal contract. The starting and ending date of the shoot should be mentioned in the contract clearly and the production has to strictly adhere to the dates mentioned in the contract. If any changes are made to the shooting dates it should be discussed well in advance and that should also be included in the signed contract. Also, if the shoot is delayed or extended there should be separate costing details that are to be discussed and settled. The house should be returned in the same condition after the shoot is completed; this should also be one of the clauses in the contract. The contract should be signed by the production company only after fully understanding all of the clauses mentioned.

#4. Collect Security Deposit

Usually, the security deposit is collected to compensate for any and all damages that might be caused by the film crew. Some small wear and tear after the shoot would be acceptable but huge damages to anything in the property should be covered by the security deposit. The security deposit is just a precaution measure in case anything drastic happens.

#5. Get your Home Insurance Ready

It is also necessary that you have your home insurance ready. You can also get insurance for any of the other valuable things that might be used by the film crew. There are a number of insurance options that cover individual items and the entire foundation of the house. Opt for the home insurance that suits your needs before you rent your home for movie shoots.

#6. Avoid clutter

Avoid anything unnecessary that brings a cluttered look to your home. This means that the film crew would have to clean out space before they shoot and things might go missing. To get ahead of this situation, keep it as simple and elegant as possible. Most film producers are looking for spacious houses and the interior would be redone by the art direction team.

All the above-mentioned boxes need to be filled before you let any film crew into your home. It is important for you to know that the revenue that renting fetches needs to be equally distributed to maintenance as well. The amount you invest in the maintenance of the house would help you to stay in demand. So make sure they are taken care of, and enjoy all the publicity that your house might get, after being a superstar!

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