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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Should Clean More Often

Written by Team Urban Tree

Cleanliness is next to godliness, they say. When cleaning our homes we tend to forget many important things that require more than normal attention. Below mentioned are 10 things that you may be missing out on during your tidying sessions:

1. Couch

We often spend hours together doing everything from eating to sleeping on our couch. But how often do we clean it? One must ensure a regular cleaning of their couch in order to make sure it is well maintained. While eating on the couch we tend to spill food that accumulates in the corners and underneath the couch. In order to maintain the couch, one must dust and vacuum it once every fortnight or maybe once after every house party. This will help you get rid of the food particles and other dust particles accumulated on the couch.

2. Keyboards

Any profession these days requires long hours of sitting in front of your desktop or maybe a laptop. We do all activities in front of the desktop such as eating, drinking or even snack munching in order to save time and work efficiently. Keyboards are the ones paying a price for our time-saving Keyboards if prone to dust starts accumulating it in small spaces in between the keys. Cleaning your keyboard at regular intervals is essential in order to avoid making it a food ground for ants and other insects to breed in.

3. Kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks, if not paid attention to, become a breeding ground for insects and cockroaches. In order to maintain the hygiene standards of your kitchen clean your kitchen sink every time after you have washed a batch of vessels. Use disinfectants and other sprays to make sure you are not leaving any room for insects to propagate.

4. Blankets

Our warm and cosy blankets need a check too. It often goes unnoticed but plays a major role in maintaining a healthy life. Blankets should be washed once every fortnight and a special mention to those times when you are down with any viral infection don’t forget to throw your blanket for a warm wash to kill the bacteria that might have spread into the blanket.

5. Beds and pillow

When you lay on your bed after a long exhausting day you expect a clean bed free from all dust and pollution. Sometimes it’s more than what meets the eye. Unkempt beds can become a permanent residence of dust mites that multiply at a very fast rate. Washing your pillows and vacuuming your beds regularly can help you keep these parasites at bay.

6. Trash cans

You subject your trash can to so much garbage that it needs cleaning once in a while in order to withstand a continuous usage. Clean your trash can once in a while in order to ensure you leave no leftover garbage in the can which later invites insects and mosquitoes to breed in.

7. Sanitise your remote control & phones

A remote control is touched by multiple people throughout the day, some with clean hands and some with soiled ones. We often clean the entire house but forget these small areas that need cleaning too. Use a wet wipe soaked in sanitizer and clean your remote controls and phones on regular basis in order to avoid passing of germs.

8. Loofahs

Loofahs are a sponge-like an instrument used to scrub out dead skin cells off your body. These cleaning instruments need a regular cleaning too. Soak these Loofahs in a warm shampoo solution for a good 20 minutes and rinse them off later. This will make your Loofahs dirt free and fresh to use for a good exfoliating bath.

9. Microwave Oven

Microwave oven has become an integral part of every household and is a must have in every modern kitchen. It helps us get instantly hot food at the press of a button but little do we realise that this machine does not clean itself. Special care needs to be taken to maintain cleanliness of a microwave. One must take time out and clean the insides of a microwave with special liquids designed to serve the purpose.

10. Your Jeans

A fashionista will always advise you to wash your jeans once in a month in order to maintain its shade and texture but how are you sure your jeans is safe and allergy free to wear it that many times? Jeans should be washed based on its wear and tear. Prolonged usage of jeans should be then followed by a cold water washed with mild detergent. Make sure the jeans is turned inside out in order to retain its quality and clean it effectively.

Above mentioned are 10 most critical areas that need cleaning, ones that are often missed in the larger picture. We need to clean smaller areas first in order to ensure a healthy household.

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